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Friends in the Right Places

No description

Kaitlyn Aubry

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Friends in the Right Places

Friends in the Right Places
Discussing The Role and Influence of Student Organizations
American Example
Goals for Today
To exchange information between North American and Bosnian students about the roles, responsibilities, and the influence student governments and associations have
To discuss ways in which students can organize to facilitate change within their faculties and universities
Who We Are
Student Associations:
What do they do for you?
What Kind of Organizations Exist?
What groups do they represent
and what is their purpose?
What kind of budget do they control
Who are their superiors
What are your expectations of them
Represent and motivate the student body
Provide services to support students
Allocate budget to other organizations
Influence and advocate for local, state, and federal government

Next Steps
What do you want to see?
How can we make
that happen?

Jon's Example:
To advocate for student priorities to the administration and staff of Towson University; represent students to the public (media/community/other schools, etc.); engage and organize students in SGA initiatives (civic responsibility, sustainability, university reforms, athletics promotion, community service, diversity awareness, political awareness)
From the students
From the clubs
From administration

What are the problems, benefits, similarities and differences between the two systems?
What can we learn from each other?
Monetary Reward
Sphere of Influence
Experience and Networks
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