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Protecting Food During Preparation

No description

Erica Grant

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Protecting Food During Preparation

Thawing Foods Properly
There are only four acceptable ways to thaw food
1. Refrigerator at, temp. of 41F (5C) or lower
2. Submerged under running potable water, at temp. of 70F (21C) or lower.
3. In a microwave oven
4. As part of cooking procedure, as long as the product meets the required minimum internal cooking temperature.
Protecting Food During Preparation
Make thermometers available in the areas where they are needed and train employees to use them properly.
Time & Temperature Control
Prepare raw meats, fish, & poultry in separate areas from produce or cooked & ready to eat foods.
Assign specific equipment
Clean & sanitize all work surfaces, equipment, & utensils.

Prevent Cross Contamination
- Use clean & sanitized work areas, cutting boards, knives & utensils.
-Take out of storage only as much product as you can prepare at one time.
- Put raw prepared meats back into the storage as quickly as possible, or cook them as soon as possible. Store them properly to prevent cross-contamination.
Preparing Food
Preset Tableware
Prevent it from being contaminated .
Wrap or cover the items
Table settings do not need to be wrapped or covered if extra settings:
Are removed when guests are seated.
Are cleaned & sanitized after guests have left.
Preset Tableware
Re-serving food
Never re-serve:
-Food returned by one customer to another
-Uncovered condiments
-Uneaten bread
-Plate garnishes
Labeling Bulk Food in Self-Service Areas
When labeling make sure the label is in plain view of the customer. Include the manufacturer or processor label provided with the food.

As an alternative, provide the information using a card, sign, or other labeling method
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