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Your Gold & Blue Preview

No description

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Your Gold & Blue Preview

The Akron Experience:
Global & Cultural Awareness
You now make up a student body of over 27,000 students from over 45 U.S. states and 80 countries around the globe.
UA is consistently celebrating its global and culture awareness through unique programs such as China Week and Rethinking Race, just to name a couple!
The Akron Experience:
The Akron Experience:
So...what's the
big deal?
Components of the Akron Experience
Awards and Recognition
Career and Academic Planning
Global and Cultural Awareness
Personal Growth, Wellness, and Fitness
Zips Pride
Your Gold & Blue Preview
It All Starts With
Your Akron Experience
What's the Akron Experience?
Your journey to success!
A combination of on and off campus resources
Add up to create a one-of-a-kind experience to get you ready for life after UA!
Our Job
UA Sponsored Days of Service:
Make a Difference Day
Super Service Saturdays
MLK Day of Service
World AIDS Day

Alternative Spring Break
Relay for Life
Up Til' Dawn
New Student Orientation 2014
You're a ZIP!
So, what's the big deal?
We should probably give you some pointers about UA, too, so look out for OL-approved Zip Tips!
To get you excited about all of the things you get to be a part of now that you are a Zip!

The Akron Experience is all around us.
Zip Tip = A helpful hint from us :) Maybe it's general campus knowledge, a rite of passage, or something we had to learn the hard way!
Let's get started!
The Akron Experience:
Awards and Recognition
Get credit for your milestones with

Merit helps employers find the "good stuff" about you, and it recognizes accomplishments with official college badges that show they are authentic
A merit page creates a positive online identity for you
Keep track of
your goals and
accomplishments with
UA's Successful U App!

The Akron Experience:
Career & Academic Planning
From now until even after you graduate, you can take advantage of all the services of the
Career Center
, completely free!
Their career professionals will help you construct your resume, find an internship, prepare you for a job interview, or even find a job before you graduate.
The Career Center boasts an ever growing job database, two Career Fairs a year, and many more resources that help current Zips find their career and succeed in it!
Wondering how to get your books for class?
You have options!
UA has 2 Barnes and Noble bookstores on campus, located in the Student Union and the Polsky Building
Receive official book lists from professors
Price match policy
Book buy back at the end of the semester
Budget $300 - $500 per semester for books
Early shopping = cheaper shopping – get used!

Or...You can save over 50% on your books by opting to rent them! Here's how...

UA's Common Reading Program
Every year, ...
With a career, a boyfriend, and a loving family, Piper Kerman barely resembles the reckless young woman who delivered a suitcase of drug money ten years ago. But that past has caught up with her.

Convicted and sentenced to fifteen months, the well-heeled Smith College alumna is now inmate #11187-424. Kerman offers a rare look into the lives of women in prison, why it is we lock so many away, and what happens to them when they're there.

Orange is the New Blac
will be used in many courses included in the general education curriculum, including English Composition, Psychology, Sociology, Public Speaking, and Student Success Seminar

Should you read it over the summer?
YES: Reading it over the summer can definitely help lighten your workload once school starts, but you may end up having to re-read if you cannot recall the book very well

NO: Most courses will not use the book day one, so reading it over the summer is not crucial

Pick up a copy of the book today!
It is for sale at our Barnes and Noble locations in the Student Union and the Polsky Building

A portion of the ever-changing 17 feet wide by 6 feet tall International Flag Quilt in the Student Union
The Akron Experience:
The Akron Experience:
Awards and Recognition
LIFE Awards
are held each spring, honoring students, faculty, and campus organizations that have demonstrated the LIFE values of
Anyone can be nominated by a fellow student, faculty member, or organization through the Department of Student Life.
A great way to find
out about student organizations
is through
My Akron
! Actually, it's a great way to take care of a lot of
your UA business, so let's take
a look...
The Akron Experience:
Personal Growth, Wellness, & Fitness
You can visit the Career Center on the second floor of the Student Union!
Your SRWC is ranked #14 in the nation!
Leisure Pool
30-person spa
1/10-mile walking/jogging track
250 pieces cardiovascular and strength training equipment
5 multi-function gymnasiums
Two group exercise studios
54-ft. climbing rock + bouldering cave

You're lucky to go to a university that's in the heart of a city! In Downtown Akron, you can...
Go to an Akron Rubber Ducks game
Eat out at one of our downtown restaurants...some even take your Zip Card!
Visit Lock 3 for music in the summer and fall or ice skating in the winter
Explore the Akron Art Museum
Don't want to walk downtown? You can take the Roo Express!
What about parking?
China Week (Fall) - partnership with the Confucius Institute that explores the Chinese culture & more!
Rethinking Race (Spring) - A community-wide opportunity to engage in important diversity topics and learn about cultural awareness
The Akron Experience:
Zips Pride
UA Men's Soccer - A Dynasty in the Making
UA scored it's first national title in 2010
Since 2009, 21 players have been drafted or signed by MLS
In 2011, Akron had an MLS-record 7 players drafted, 5 in the first 8 picks
UA Men's Basketball - Thinking Bigger!
Since 2009, the team has made 3 NCAA Tournament Appearances
Akron went to the MAC Championship Game every year from 2007 to 2013, a MAC record!
UA Women's Tennis
Akron won back-to-back MAC Championships in 2011 and 2012
Men's and Women's Track and Field
Since 1996, the team has won 183 MAC Championships, including 21 in 2012
New Roo Weekend!
Rent your books in store or online (actual or ebook)
Rentals begin the day you pay for your rental and end on the last day of finals
Normal use of highlighting and marking is acceptable
Reminder email when your books are due
OHIO Link: Check out UA’s OHIO Link library program – you might be able to borrow the book for free from another school!
Getting Your Textbooks
Have fun and make some friends and sign up for one of the many sports programmed by the OASIS.
Fitness & Wellness
Stay Zip-Fit with one of the many fitness and wellness screenings or assessments provided by the SRWC.
Outdoor Adventure
Take a hike, rent a canoe, or go camping with the OASIS. Many of their programs are free and inexpensive, but all are a blast!
You can always climb the rock wall for free!
Health Services
All enrolled students are eligible to receive General Primary Health Care. Health Services is staffed by licensed health care professionals and can prescribe medications.
Did you know you can experience one of the Outdoor Adventure trips this summer?
Pre-enrollment camps for a small group of incoming freshmen
2 trip options for 2014:
Zip Line Canopy Tour
White Water Rafting
Both trips occur in July

Why go?
Meet current students, other new students, and administrators
Have some familiar faces on campus in the fall
Make new friends and have fun!

Akron Adventures!
Study Abroad
Ever want to travel, learn, and achieve personal growth all at the same time?

Consider a semester abroad! UA's Office of International Programs can make it easy and affordable to find a program that matches your needs. We travel to China, France, Germany, Japan, Peru, and many other countries!
Get involved by joining one of the many
student organizations
on campus! Whether your interest is in academics, athletics, service, leadership, or anything else, you can find a group that fits who you are.
Visit the
& the
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
Sign up for
OrgSync is like Facebook for UA's Student Groups where you keep track of all your memberships.You can sign up for OrgSync in MyAkron.
E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall
Sign up for Zip Tix and get free tickets to many of the exciting and entertaining events at EJ! You can sign up online at UAevents.com
Events include:
Broadway in Akron - Broadway shows right on your campus!
Rock the Roo - free events for students!
Lunchtime Series - concerts played outside of EJ during the week
After Dark - UA-sponsored parties at EJ for students
Forum Speaker Series - lectures for students and community members by celebrities, politicians, and many others!
Plan one of your first trips to EJ on October 14 for the First Year Lecture!
Orange is the New Black
Your 2014 Common Reading Selection
What's it about?
It's the story of Piper Kerman, a woman who is convicted and sentenced to 15 months at the infamous federal correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut for delivering a suitcase of drug money 10 years earlier
She learns how to navigate this new world and meets women from all walks of life
Offers a rare look at the lives of those in prison - a hilarious, heartbreaking, and sometimes enraging story!

Orange is the New Black
will be used in many courses included in the general education curriculum, including English Composition, Psychology, Sociology, Public Speaking, and Akron Experience courses
August 22 - 24, 2014
What is it?
A weekend full of engaging activities and speakers to get you started off on the right foot for your first year of college!
A chance to meet incoming freshmen going through the experience with you
New Roo Weekend Highlights:
Meet the Teams Night in the Stadium
Campus safety information
Choose your own involvement breakout sessions
New Student Convocation
Roo Fest - a chance to explore a majority of UA's student organizations all at once!
Don't Miss a Minute!
Parking permits at UA are covered by the student fees included in your tuition

Financial Aid/Scholarships can be used to help cover the cost if there is enough left after tuition is covered

You are responsible for requesting your permit through your My Akron portal
You can request throughout the summer, but we recommend now!
Parking Tips!
Take Full Advantage!
Take care of yourself and make sure to schedule in time to relax. Visit Downtown Akron for some fun!
The Roo Express Shuttle Service
provides transportation to:

University buildings in the downtown area,
neighborhoods near campus, and
the parking lots on the North side of campus.
During the fall and spring semesters the shuttle also services students on the weekends to and from the downtown area!
Your ticket to ride
Keep your
Roo Express Shuttle Guide
with you so you know the routes!

*routes can also be found online
What time do you need to be on campus?
Parking is easiest early in the morning (between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.)
The later your classes start, the farther away you will have to park
What kind of permit do you have?
You have to park in the right lot!
Tickets begin at $25/infraction!
What’s your backup plan?
Give yourself enough time to find a new lot if the one you’re in is full!
Get to campus at least a half hour before you have to be somewhere
Get rewarded for attending UA's sporting events!
Bring your Zip Card to every sporting event to get your Roo-Wards
Accumulate points to get UA prizes such as blankets, flip flops, bags, and more!
Issues? Head to Parking Services in the North Campus Parking Deck
Participate as a member of a service-oriented student organization (OrgSync)
Akron C.A.R.E.S
The World Change Coalition
Student United Way
Environmental Akron
Circle K International
Campus Habitat for Humanity
Alpha Phi Omega
Other Ways
to Give
Other Uses for
Your Zip Card
Can hold money for your all-campus account
Great if you don't want to carry cash!
Works just like a debit card and can be used wherever Zip Cards are accepted
Use to enter your Residence Hall
Holds your meal plan
Use for access to the Rec Center
Library card
Zip Print at campus computer labs and kiosks
Again...FREE ADMITTANCE to home UA sporting events!
Be a Leader...Work on Campus!
On-campus jobs give you a great chance to become more connected to UA
Find out about on-campus jobs online at
Any position on campus can help enhance your leadership skills, but here are a few examples...
Be a peer mentor for incoming students
Work as a tutor for general education and major-specific classes
Be an Orientation Leader!
Should you read it over the summer?
It's up to you!
Positive of reading over the summer:
Lighten your course load for the start of school!
Potential negative:
Chances are low that your professor will use the book the first day, so you may have to re-read it
Pick up a copy today
at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore
in the Student Union
You also have a year-round resource for Cultural Awareness!
Their goal is to assist students in their adjustment to University life by encouraging them to achieve their personal, academic and career goals
Office of Multicultural
Offer Programs such as Peer Mentoring services and specialized Learning Communities!
Sign up for UA's text messaging
notification system!
Z-Alert Text Messaging is one of UA's emergency notification systems.
Messages will be sent when campus closes or when a situation arises that immediately affects safety.
Students and staff can sign up through My Akron and students can also add additional numbers for family for free!
Text Messaging
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