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Research Skills for TWYCC


Vivian Lai

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Research Skills for TWYCC

Dig Deeper Research skills from a MUNer

By Vivian Lai Step 1. Google-storm Step 3. Research Folder Step 2. Dig In Final Reminder Handy Sources Step 4. Research Never Stops Any Questions?? General Understanding out of nothing Skimming
Table of Content
Topic Sentence/Paragraph
Note-taking (side-notes)
Adding on to Google storm News articles (from different sides)
Timeline (BBC)
Analysis (blogs, news, books)

Ask yourself or look up
What does this mean?
How does this affect the situation?
What is my part? Keep track of everything you've collected
Be organized in your own logic
Nothing is unbaised
Data --> Information --> Knowledge
List Committee website
UN resolutions and voting records
Local Newspapers/News Agencies
Editorials and Comments
Official Research reports Thank you. Good Luck!!! :D Your New Best Friend Jot down ideas Structure
Ideas & Actions
Hyperlinks Statement of Problem What is your FOCUS?
What is the most important issue for you?
Raise your own problem as you go History of Problem relative facts only
Chronological / by topic
Read behind the facts Past Actions United Nations
Relevant orgs
Your country/community

Past resolutions (best print down)
Secretary General Reports
Programs, missions, action plans, etc With an eye to
Not do the same things
Revise and add to existing programs
Observe country and international body positions Key Actors
& Bloc Positions UN officials
State governments
Interest groups and corporations

Concerns and Rationale QARMA Questions A Resolution Must Answer Your GOAL
Your Damage Control

Idea Sources
Analysis, editorials
Organizations, programs
Reports (gov, NGO)
Papers (think tanks, institutes) UNFCCC & COP Purpose
..., etc Referrable in Conference Organized in your own way OR The Library Type? Do your bookstorm!! Organize as you go!!! Quotes, statements, articles
Programs and Policies
Research & Statistics
UN voting records, circulating letters AND OR NOT search
Grasp key word, doesn't have to be a sentence
Too much noise --> be specific
Too little result --> be general
Watch out for source and date NTUMUN Director of Academics 2012-2013
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