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Hot Fuzz

No description

Claire Bennett

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Hot Fuzz

Trailer Recreation When creating the trailer we took into account the different camera angles and distances that were used. At the beginning the distance of the shot changed frequently, with MS, CU and ECU of just the eyes of the characters showing the difference in emotion of the two contrasting characters. However in the middle of the trailer more MS and LS were used making the story apparent.
Shot Distances Throughout the trailer only straight cuts were used creating a sense of continuity. Framing Thoughout the trailer Nicholus Angel is placed to the left of the frame with Danny Butternan to his left conning that Nicholus Angel is the higher ranking police officer and is generally better at his job that Butterman who oftern gets distracted. In constrast the robber is frequently placed on the left of the screen connting his importance in the trailer. Generally this is bot to be expected and the robber would be to the right of the police officer connting there social status within society. When jumping the fence both police officers are placed in roughly the same place in the frame reflecting that there jobs are similar alothough they are different ranks. Danny Butterman if any is placed further to the left connoting his efforts and helps the audience empathise with his efforts. Angel is placed futer up in the shots connoting his achievement of jumping the fences whereas Butterman fails to jump even the fitst fence. Narrative The nartative in a trailer usally shows the the most exciting and main parts of the film nevertheless the ending is never given away, thus trailers rarly consist of one scene. Hot Fuzz does exatcatly this showing one scene and although this is rare it allows the audience to see the humour in the film and creates intrege. Institutional Logos and Titles Institutional Logos allow the audience to easily identify the sponsers of the film the instiutions that made the film, inaddition to the Title of the film, previous films made by the same companies and when the film will make it to the cinema or DVD. During the re creation of the trailer we made institutional logo's mimicing the professional ones. Our Logos
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