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Techniques used in advertising

No description

Cheryl King

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of Techniques used in advertising

Techniques used in advertising
Familiar Symbols & Catchphrases
Advertisers use certain colors to
project a mood
, to create excitement, or to
make their product stand out
. What do the colors in these ads make you feel?
Graphics can create a visual effect that
draws in the audience and helps sell the product
. What effect do these graphics create?
Different font choices
create different effects
. Fancy, flowery lettering creates a sophisticated or luxurious feeling, while block lettering is high-impact. Other font designs can
create the moods desired by the advertiser
. What do you notice about the fonts used in these ads?
Some advertisers'
symbols and slogans have become ingrained in our minds
. That was their plan! What other symbols and slogans do you know well?
Read and analyze ads carefully. Advertisers have a reason for every design choice they make. Let's look at some examples.
These colors probably make you feel

especially if you are a fan of one of these teams!
These colors are soothing, yet still bright and exciting. Look how the iPod stands out against the blue background.
Joy, happiness, fun
BIG flavor!
of hot pepper flavor
All of these techniques serve the purpose of conveying a message to the audience --
explicit and implicit
Explicit messages
what the advertisers tell you directly
In this Heinz ketchup ad, at the bottom it reads, "No one grows Ketchup like Heinz." When you look at the bottle made of tomato slices, you can see that the explicit message is that the ketchup is made from real tomatoes.
Implicit messages
are the
implied messages the audience infers
. What is the advertiser
trying to say?
In this ketchup ad, we know the explicit message is that the ketchup is made from real tomatoes. But think about it a little more deeply. Taking the words at the bottom, plus the picture, you see what they are trying to say is that Heinz Tomato Ketchup is the freshest, most natural, real tomato ketchup on the market. It tastes so much like tomatoes that you'd think it wasn't from a bottle.
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