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Minecraft Timeline

The time line of the game Minecraft

bretton seamans

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft Timeline

Minecraft Today
Minecraft today is still under work and matnince for lag fixes, bugs, glitches, hacks and adding things some of the versions dont have. Many people love minecraft ever since it came out to the public. Today, some people actually play this game for a living and make money by making youtube videos, tutorials, walkthroughs and many more things. On all versions of minecraft today, It is the number one selling game on any system.
Minecraft playstation 3 edition came out on December 17, 2013 and has been skyrocketing in sales. This has just as much items as Pc and Xbox editon. The crafting table does not work like on the other versions. There is not alot of problems since their has been no update yet and also costs as much as Xbox and Pc edition. Can be purchased Digital or on a CD copy.
Minecraf PS3 edition
When Minecraft was done with develipment then they relesed it out to the public for people to play. it was very basic and had no avalible multiplayer. But soon there would be more updates to add more things, including multiplayer.
in the begnning the main develiper Marcus (Notch) Persson had an idea to create a game known as infiniminer and wanted to add frst person veiw but couldent acomplish this with infiniminer because of game errors and scraped the edia but still wanted a first person game
so the early edition of minecraft was created.
Final alpha edition
Minecraft Pocket Editon
The XBOX 360 edition was relesed on May 6 2012. It also had multiplayer up to 12 players. and four player splitscreen local play. it sells for twenty dollers, online and disc. it was only avalible by downloading the game with internet. Now its avalibile on the disc. today we are at title update 13. There are not any horses...yet. They have texture packs on XBOX 360 and are making more for less than five dollars.
Xbox 360 edition
Then came along Pocket edition for a tablet or a phone the updates made it more like the first edition of minecraft on pc. Chests wouldnt open and we diddnt have minecarts and rails and other blocks that it didint have and now in the updates we have most of the stuff PC edition has. Pocket editon came out on August 4th 2007. Also on the "Google Play store" or the "App Store" This version is also the number one selling game on the stores.
In the begining...
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