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When I Was One & Twenty

No description

Evelyn Diaz

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of When I Was One & Twenty

When I Was One & Twent- A.E. Housman

About A.E. Housman
Alfred Edward Housman was born in Fockbury, Worcestershire, England, on March 26, 1859. He was the oldest of 7 kids. His mom died on his 20th birthday, and had a father, a lawyer, but los it all due to his obsessive drinking.At the age of 16, Housman won a scholarship to Oxford. Years later, his scholary papers got him appointed as a proffesor in London University. Housmans poetry was known to be nolstagic & bittersweet, and believe that poetry was a feeling to him.
When he was young he was given a piece of advice. Give away anything except your love, because nothing in life is harder than giving away your heart. Since he was young, it meant nothing to him. Throughout the years he heard it again. But this time he realized what it meant and how true it really was.

Idea 3
Theres a rhyme scheme of A-B-C-B.
There is also Repetition: "When i was one and twenty...."
There are two, eight line Stanzas in the poem.

The narrator in this poem is a young guy in age & maturity but as the poem continues, grows.
Literary Elements
The poem is a lyrical poem because of it strong rhythm and has many different forms of literary devices.

"The heart out of the bosom" meaning "Your love". (line 11)
"But keep your fancy free" (line 6)
When i was a young kid, i heard one say.
Give whatever you got but not your love away.
Giving love is hard & not always what it seems,
but i was young. I didn't care. You can't really blame me.

Now I'm older, and once again i hear.
But this time i kept it in mind with an open ear.
I now see that loves no joke, and not thinking right, Im heartbroke.
Young me, Look, I Finally awoke.
Shouldn't I just have listened to you that time you spoke?
Evelyn Diaz & Brandon Petry
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