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The Southern Colonies

No description

Karen Stuckmeyer

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies
Maryland Colony
Founded by John Calvert (Lord Baltimore) to make money and as a refuge for catholics.
The climate was mild and the soil was fertile (good for growing tobacco.
Many of the first colonists came to Maryland as indentured servants.
In 1649 they passed the Toleration Act which gave religious freedom to all Christians living in the colony.
The Anglican church became the colony's official church.
Virginia Colony
Virginia Colony was controlled by the King of England.
It was the largest English Colony in the early 1700's.
It had a mild climate and rich soil for growing tobacco.
The Carolina Colonies
King Charles II granted land for another colony called Carolina.
It was large and hard to govern, so it was eventually split into two colonies (North and South Carolina)
North Carolina had soil that was good for growing corn and tobacco.
South Carolina was too wet for growing tobacco so rice became their most important crop.
Enslaved people became a large part of South Carolina's population
King George II gave James Ogelthorpe a charter to the land which was named Georgia in King Georges honor.
English debtors (people who were in prison for owing money) were sent to colonize the area. They were given a chance for a fresh start in exchange for defending the colony.
Slavery was permitted in Georgia and their economy grew as a result of slave labor and big plantations.
A Farming Economy Based on Cash Crops
Power Standards:
I can describe how geography affected the Southern Colonies' economy.
I can describe how the development of cash crops affected the settlement and development of the Southern Colonies.

The economy of the southern colonies was based mostly on plantations and slave labor.
A few former indentured servants had small farms.
Cash Crops by Colony:

Maryland, Virginia, & northern North Carolina : Tobacco
Southern North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia: Rice & Indigo
Wilmington North Carolina: Lumber
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