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Fashion Merchandising & Marketing

No description

Olivia Monroe

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Merchandising & Marketing

Career Opportunities
Visual merchandiser or stylist
Entrepreneur with a marketing firm
Public relations professional
Marketing team member
Manager in a fashion design or marketing company
Traits Needed to be a Successful Fashion Marketer
Examples of Fashion Marketing
Having a great product
Internal Marketing Strategies
Marketing mix consists of...
presentation of the store
productivity in the store
pricing strategy

What is Fashion Marketing?
Using current trends in fashion to analyze, develop, and implement sales strategies.

Recognizing consumer trends
Create a desirable product image

"We often are designing products that people don’t yet know they want, then using our various marketing strategies to unleash their desire."
-Ari Bloom (Fashion Critic/ Business Professer
Sephora's Facebook Strategies
Created the "15 Days of Beauty Thrills"
Up on trends and current events
Social media savvy
Key Points
use social media as a way to listen to your followers and gather important feedback.
Effective advertising
Successful mix=converting interest into actual purchasing
You could win a...
Fiat with Gucci interior
trip for four to the Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris
$5,000 shopping spree at Sephora.
daily "mini-thrills," small gift included with any online purchase.
What Do Fashion Marketers Do
identify potential customers
Develop pricing strategies
Determine the demand for products
Analyzes market trends
Get your idea out there either by fashion shows, blogs, or magazines
By: Olivia Monroe
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