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Ram pump: water hammer effect application

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Steven De Jesús Santiago

on 4 October 2015

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Transcript of Ram pump: water hammer effect application

Water Hammer
Water hammer effect is the pressure increase in a pipe produced by a sudden change of direction or velocity of the fluid.
When a valve is closed, the fluid will attempt to continue flowing creating a shock wave (type of propagation disturbance).
This happen in many houses (dishwasher, washing machine, and others) resulting in a loud sound.
Can be very dangerous because this increase in pressure can cause damage or rupture the equipment.
Ram pumps
In this study we built a water ram pump in order to investigate the water hammer effect. Mass flow rate and velocity of both outputs were calculated using the mass conservation equation. The velocity before the water hammer occurs was calculated with Bernoulli's equation. Since with Bernoulli's equation we found the velocity just before the valve closes needed for Joukowsky equation and calculated the difference in change in pressure.
Ram pump: water hammer effect application

Ram Pump Process
Edwin A. González
Steven De Jesús
José W. Ortiz

The objective of this presention will be to discuss and explain the ram pumps as application of the water hammer effect and how Joukowsky equation correlates with this two topics.
Ram pumps
Water hammer
A cyclic pump powered with only by hydropower (from potential energy to kinetic enegy).
Invented by Joseph Michel Mongolfier 1796.
Used in India
in one of the 7 wonders of the world.
Our ram pump
Definition of problem
When a pipe is filled with a moving fluid, the laws governing the changes of pressure depends upon the conditions under which the flow occurs. If the water is considered incompressible and the velocity of the fluid at any section of the pipe remains constant, Bernoulli’s energy equation can be applied. However, when the motion of the fluid is unsteady (the fluid is varying from rapidly from one instant to another), a change of pressure “waterhammer” occurs and Bernoulli’s equation is no longer applicable.
Ram pump running
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K-t-dra Group
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