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I used to Love Her

Hip Hop in it's Essence is Real

Augustine Queener

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of I used to Love Her

Sociatal Effects of Hip-Hop Hip Hop in it's Essence is Real Hip-Hop's Origin Hip-Hop has many effects
on society Hip hop is a type of Popular Music. It has 4 main components, which are rapping (Mc'ing) and Djing (Mixing and Scratching); along with Breakdancing and Graffiti (tagging).
Hip Hop Originated in the 1970's at Block Parties in New York City,Specially the Bronx Over the last 20 years Hip-Hip , which was
considered the Golden era of Music and Culture,
the 80's- mid 90's is when many hip hop purist came of
age.Fans of that era blissfully reminisce of the days
when one could tune to BET's Rap City in
the afternoons and view
videos by seminal "Gansta" rap group NWA,
but then sobered by the
anti-violence message in a
video By KRS-ONE Hip hop is filled with messages and Metaphoric songs, songs such as Common I used to love H.E.R. in which the artist used a woman to represent Hip-Hop Music. the Acronym H.E.R. means Hearing Every Rhyme therefore Stating "I used to love Hearing Every Rhyme." Since we Understand the major influences hip Hop has on society , Why don't we use it to our advantage ? Mcdonalds does it................Everyone at Least once has uttered
Ba da pa pa paaaaa,
I'm Loving it Hip Hop Music influence
everything from Fashion to
Politics. For Example Sean
P Diddy Combs a Hip Hop
Mogul Creating "Sean Jean"
a clothing Line based on
the fashion of Hip hop
Music, but also influencing voting among the youth with his Slogan "Vote Or Die" Knowing the Potential Hip-Hop has to influence a society we can use it for growth and Human Developement........... Growth is awareness, knowledge &
Understanding, then Change...................... through Hip-Hop we
Can Change the world The End
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