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Why the 12th Amendment is important to America

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on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Why the 12th Amendment is important to America

How It Affects Us
If we choose a man who is not fit to be President, he could lie to us, raise our taxes, make horrible decisions that hurt the economy, hurt our family, our budget, and our education. If a President like that is elected, the government of the United States of America could be permanently hurt, or even destroyed.
What the 12th Amendment Means
This is the Twelfth Amendment. It means that the Electors, or, the People, shall meet in the state they are resident to and vote for who shall be President and Vice President. The President and Vice President may not be from the same state. Voting my ballot is to write down or select on an apparatus who they wish to vote for VP or President. Whoever has the more ballots in their favor wins the President and VP slots.
We Must Defend This Amendment
If we don't try to defend this Amendment, we could lose our rights to elect an official leader of America. The senators or anybody else in government could elect a President by majority rules. If we fall into that kind of government, it would be violating the rights of man and the rights stated in the Constitution.
The Importance of This Amendment
This Amendment is important for selecting who is President. When we vote for President we take our place in the polling booths (at left) and select who we want. We take a look at the campaigns for each candidate, and choose who would be a better President. If we don't choose wisely, we could select a man who would be bad for the country. This means bad things for America.
Topic 5
Why the 12th Amendment is important to America
By: Hans Hansen
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