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Molly Bevenour Hoot Book Talk

Molly's Book Talk about the book Hoot

Molly Bevenour

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Molly Bevenour Hoot Book Talk

The book Hoot Carl Hiaasen Carl Hiaasen was born March 12, 1953. Carl grew up in Florida and went to the University of Florida. Some awards that Carl Hiaasen has won for his books are: Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award, Dilys Award, the Newberry Honor, and a few more. Some other books that Carl wrote were: Scat, Flush, Chomp, Basket Case, and Sick Puppy. Hoot By: Carl Hiassen Conflict The conflict of the book is that Roy does not know who the mysterious running boy is. Then he finds out that there is a pancake house being built over burrowing owls' nests, and Roy has to find a way to stop the building of the Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House. Summary Roy has just moved to Coconut Cove, Florida and sees a mysterious running boy. He then later finds out that the running boy is trying to save a family of burrowing owls. Roy teams up with Mullet Fingers (the running boy) and Beatrice to help, but there are many things that stand in their way; vicious rottweilers, mysterious sparkling cottonmouths, and the school bully, Dana Matherson. Mood and Theme By: Carl Hiaasen Hoot Setting The setting of the book is in Coconut Cove, Florida. Some places in Florida in which the story takes place are Trace Middle School, the future site of Mother Paula's, and Roy's House. Roy moves a lot because his dad works for the Department of Justice. Roy has just moved to Coconut Cove from Montana. Florida is hot and muggy and is cooled off by rain and thunderstorms. Florida's terrain is very different from Montana because in Montana, there are mountains and hills. But in Florida, it is very flat. Main Character The main character of the book Hoot is Roy Eberdhart. Roy is a good student at Trace Middle. He is very curious about his surroundings. He is curious because he wants to know who the running boy is. Roy likes snowboarding because when he used to live in Montana, there was a lot of snow. Mood The mood of this book is exciting and mysterious. Theme The theme of this book is determination because of two reasons; 1. Roy is determined to find out who the running boy is in the beginning of the book. 2. Roy is determined to save the owls. Why did you like this book? Why would a viewer want to go out and get this book? Why did you like this book? I liked this book because it tells you about some middle school kids who care about wildlife and that have the courage to speak up for what they believe. The part that I remember most about this book is when Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet Fingers speak up for what they believe. Why would a viewer want to go out and get this book? A viewer would want to go out and get this book because the book will keep you guessing and will keep you entertained throughout the whole story line. It's very interesting through the whole story. Who would you recommend this book to and why? Who would you recommend this book to and why? I would recommend this book to people who enjoy mystery books because it leaves you with many questions. Also, there are many small mysteries throughout the story line. Interesting Quote: This quote is said by Mullet Fingers at the groundbreaking of Mother Paula's All American Pancake House when the kids are going to stand up for the owls. "Wait, It ain't over! Not by a mile it ain't!" Hoot's genres are mystery and realistic fiction. Roy sees the running boy on the bus.
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