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No description

Shimaa Samhan

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of MastetPeace

International Day Peace 21st of September
Inspire everyone to use his or her talent and energy for building peace and togetherness.
Creating Peace together
Who We Are?
MasterPeace is an innovative, bottom-up global peace movement, as a result of East-West cooperation, supported by NGOs, companies, cities, artists, social entrepreneurs and you.

MasterPeace is an open and inviting movement, in which people are encouraged to use their talents and energy for building PEACE
Passion statement
people are connected
to MasterPeace Facebook page
in 30 countries
people in the
Social Media
have created
a profile on the platform
were engaging in peace building activities
On the IDP 2012.
MasterPeace Outreach
peace related actions
What do the clubs do ?
Our Main Motive
To mobilize millions of people worldwide to take
actions for peace in the broadest sense.
MasterPeace Clubs are the on-the-ground arms of MasterPeace empowering and mobilizing more individuals to become actively involved in peace building.
Work on limiting conflicts on a local level
Adoptable models for every individual who wants to work for peace.
That's MasterPeace.
We are dedicated to put,
Music above fighting,
Dialogue above judgment,
Bread above bombs
and Creation above Destruction.
What We Do ?

The MasterPeace WorldBand Initiative
MasterPeace Clubs

MasterPeace Journey: The Alchemist Alive
MasterPeace Clubs
1.5 million
over 40 clubs
more than 30000
MasterPeace is inspired by 'The Alchemist' the famous novel of Paulo Coelho to make it come alive. we will inspire individuals and groups to become the shepherd boy of this story and start traveling as green and visible as possible.
MasterPeace Clubs are an open invitation for everyone around the world to join building peace and to inspire the
communities around them.
On the 21st September 2014 , everyone who got involved in MasterPeace projects during the last years will be rewarded
with an international concert with the most popular
artists and world leaders on stage.
MasterPeace Clubs Activities
MasterPeace Club own Projects
The MasterPeace Platform is like a 2.0. marketplace for peace, where organizations and individuals can exchange talents, ideas and support. It is the perfect place where online slacktivism can be transformed into offline activism! Visit it at www.masterpeace.org
MasterPeace Clubs
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