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Greek 101

Learn what Greek Life at St. John's University looks like and how to join!

Maggie Bach

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Greek 101

Introduction to Fraternity & Sorority Life at St. John's University Greek 101 Let's start with the basics: We have 34 organizations.....
They are divided into 3 councils The African &
Latino Fraternal/
Sororal Alliance The
Council The
Council So, what's the difference? The African and Latino Fraternal/Sororal Alliance,
or ALFSA, for short, is home to our historically
Black & Latino Greek organizations.

The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) houses our
social fraternities and those that have an
Asian or South-Asian interest.

The Panhellenic Council (Panhel) is where our Asian, South-Asian and social sororities belong. 4 NPC Sororities: Delta Phi Epsilon
Gamma Phi Beta
Phi Sigma Sigma
Theta Phi Alpha 2 Local Sororities: Lambda Phi
Kappa Phi Beta 2 Asian Interest
Sororities: 1 South-Asian Interest
Sorority: Kappa Phi Lambda
alpha Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Phi Gamma Why join a
Fraternity or Sorority? NPHC or "Divine 9" or Historically Black Greek Organizations: Fraternities: Fraternities: Sororities: Sororities: NALFO or Latino Greek Organizations: ALFSA Organizations Alpha Phi Alpha
Kappa Alpha Psi
Omega Psi Phi
Phi Beta Sigma Alpha Kappa Alpha
Delta Sigma Theta
Sigma Gamma Rho
Zeta Phi Beta Lambda Alpha Upsilon
Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Phi Iota Alpha Lambda Pi Chi
Lambda Pi Upsilon
Lambda Theta Alpha
Omega Phi Beta
Sigma Iota Alpha IFC Organizations Panhel Organizations 4 National Social Fraternities 1 Local Fraternity 1 Pharmacy Fraternity 2 Asian Interest Fraternity 2 South Asian Fraternity Alpha Phi Delta
Kappa Sigma
Pi Kappa Phi
Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Chi Beta Phi Delta Chi Pi Delta Psi
Lambda Phi Epsilon Iota Nu Delta
Sigma Beta Rho 1. Do your research.

2. Attend events.

3. Express interest. How to join a Fraternity or Sorority: Questions? ALFSA Triple S Traditional Events: Greek Luau Leadership Academics Athletics b Service Friendship We have so many different organizations and each is incredibly unique. Take your time learning about each of them in order to make a well thought out decision. All Greek organizations host events so you can learn more about them. Some host "informationals" and others are called "rush" or "recruitment" nights. Contact the organizations or look on the calendar to get more details. Tell someone you are interested in being part of their fraternity or sorority.
How else will they know you want to join!? Greek Week! Lip Sync Colors Dinner F&S Night University Service Day Relay For Life Intramural Football Breast Cancer Walk
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