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burj khalifa pms

g006122, g06126, g06132

guru narayan

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of burj khalifa pms

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tallest building in the world, at 829.8 m.

Construction began -
21 st september 2004,

Building officially launched on 4th january, 2010

the total cost of the project is $1.5 Billion Emaar Properties: Mr. Greg Sang. 

Turner Construction Company:
Christopher Harris

Hyder Consulting: Rob Pickering PROJECT MANAGERS CONTRACTORS Samsung Engineering & Construction built the tower in a joint venture with Besix from Belgium and Arabtec from UAE.

The building was developed by Emaar Properties, the frontline construction company set up by the government of Dubai WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER WILLS TOWERS Low Working Conditions:
With no laws governing minimum wages in the United Arab Emirates, some workers reported making less than $10 USD a day.
Employers in Dubai confiscate workers’ passports so they won’t leave the country before they’ve completed their duties.

Number of On-site Deaths
A serious health hazard faced by construction workers is the extreme climatic conditions.

Media reports claim that the UAE underreports construction worker heat-related deaths in hospitals.

In response, the Ministry of Labor issued a decree in June 2005 banning outdoor work between the hours of 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. during July and August.

the media has reported several cases of suicide of construction workers distressed about their working conditions. AWARDS June 2010, - 2010 Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa award by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

September 2010, - Best project of year at the Middle East Architect Awards 2010

October 2010, - First recipient of CTBUH’s new Tall Building “Global Icon” Award. WORLD RECORDS At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa holds the following records:
•  Tallest building in the world
•  Tallest free-standing structure in the world
•  Highest number of stories in the world
•  Highest occupied floor in the world
•  Highest outdoor observation deck in the world
•  Tallest service elevator in the world 
•  Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world The project was envisioned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Developed by Emaar Properties of Dubai, project almost entirely funded by the government.

Project was completed at a time of over building in dubai.

This led to lot of vacancies and foreclosures. USP OF BURJ KHALIFA Tallest building in the world.

the foundation

mechanical floors

vertical township THE OBSERVATION DECK An outdoor observation deck, named At the Top, opened on 5 January 2010 on the 124th floor.

It is the third highest observation deck in the world and the second highest outdoor observation deck in the world, at 452 m (1,483 ft).

The observation deck also features the Behold Telescope, an augmented reality device developed by gsmprjct° of Montréal,

PROBLEMS DURING CONCEPTION AND CONSTRUCTION Extreme weather conditions, unpredictable wind speeds at extreme heights.

change the shape at every stage of the buildings

Time constraints, adopt 4 day cycles.

workers have to adapt to new methods of working

huge amounts of material required over a long period of time, hence importance in procurement.

have to keep track at the verticality of building after every floor, else the top floors will be vulnerable in the future.

special glass was required for special loads, finding a suitable vendor was very difficult. Project Management System:
Earned Value Management Project Management Software:
Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems: Achieve a 3-day cycle for structural work

Develop optimum systems with large capacity high speed equipment

Utilize optimum formwork system Project Management Technique Auto-climbing formwork system

Rebar prefabrication

High Performance Concrete

Advanced concrete pumping technology

Simple drop head formwork system Technologies adopted for 3 day cycle Favelle Favco Cranes Putzmeister 14000 Latest Technology Used: GURU NARAYAN C
RUJUTA KORGAONKAR PRESENTED BY The work breakdown structure of the Burj Khalifa project captures all the deliverables, including the following:
1. Idea formation of the Burj Khalifa project

2. Choosing the building site and running assessment on all variables (codes, politicians, risks, financials, human resources, building materials).

3. Choosing contractors for architecture, engineering, and construction.

4. Hiring workers for the project.

5. Planning purchase and delivery of materials.

6. Choosing subcontractors for inner construction work on pools and aesthetics.

7. Using EVM as a method of assessing and tracking project management. THANK YOU Bauer BG40
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