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Career Project

No description

Simone Sykes

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Career Project

Shoe Designer Simone Sykes
7th period The education for becoming a shoe designer is a 2 or 4 year degree in fashion design The job responsibilities is a choice for fashion designers with interest in shoes, and the ability to specialize by type of customer, style, and shoe. The average salary is between $25,350 to $51,290 Some ethical issues are the use of large amounts of pesticides which is very harmful to the environment and people, chemical dyes that are used in garments, and another ethical issue is cruelty to animals. in 10 years the career for shoe designers will probably expand more or create more stores Shoe designers will probably be more famous in New York, Paris, and other famous places I think they use the computer the most on the job The customers are mostly normal people, fashion designers, famous people Shoes designers use math beacuse they have to find the right size and shape for a shoe some problems are some other designers try to steal each other ideas, sometimes the shoe is broken and the customer brings it back, and have to make new designs all the time Some of thier skills are they work together,
they deal with customers,
they use verbal language
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