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Post-it notes

No description

Maria Munoz

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Post-it notes

How did post-it notes change the world? When you need to write notes and when you need to remember something, you write on Post-it notes because they stick to any flat surface and you also don´t lose your notes! Actally Post-it notes have become one of the world's most used tools in homes, schools and offices. Did this invention help others create new inventions? how? Dr. Spencer Silver wanted to create a super-strong adhesive but instead he created a reusable adhesive ´then, a colleague of his had the idea of using Spencer Silvers creation to anchor his notebook. Sources: WEbsites: Soylent Communications
"Spencer Silver" Spencer Silver
20/2/2013 Stephanie Dubick
"Changing the world" One Post-it note At a Time
20/2/2013 Seville 1111
"How did the post-it note change the world"
20/2/2013 INVENTION: POST-IT NOTES Describe why Post-it notes were created. He invented an adhesive but it was not strong enough but he had to do other projects. Then, Art Fry college told him to make bookmarks in which he thought he could use his adhesive. How long did it take to develop/make the invention? It took him 12 years to complete the making of his invention. What was this invention used for? It is used for writing reminders and other not permanent things. Describe the invention Post-It notes come in many colors and sizes but the most original ones are color canary yellow and size 3-inches (76 mm) Was the invention patented? Yes, Spencer Silver patented post-it notes 20 times About the inventor Name: Spencer Ferguson Silver
Date of birth: February 6th 1941
Date of Death: Still Alive
Country of Inventor: United States
Place of residence: Minnesota
What Century: 20th Century Post-it notes By:Maria Carolina Munoz 5.1 About the invention The End Thanks 4 Watching ;) !!!!!! Recent desings 4 Post-it notes Recently Post-it notes have changed their desings.
One of the most famous new desings are the striped color ones.
The inside of the post it note is still canary yellow but the outline has stripes of different colors like Red, Blue, Brown and canary yellow itself. Of the new desings the nomalest size is (99,0mm x 96,5mm) What is the inventors full name?
What year was he born?
What did he invent?
How many years did it take him to complete his invention?
What color are the most original Post-it notes?
How many times did he pantent his invention? Post-it notes!!!!!!
Rule the world!!! ;)
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