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The Hobbit Teamwork

No description

ryan branscum

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The Hobbit Teamwork

The Hobbit Teamwork

Quote #5
Some of the Dwarves had knives and some had sticks,and all of them could get at stones;and bilbo had his elvish dagger Pg:163 Ch8
Quote #4
"They went out again and soon came back carrying torches in there mouths, which they lit at the fire and stuck in low brackets on the pillars of the hall" Pg. 124 Ch 7
Quote #6
"the moon is rising look for the hollow of the left breast as he flies and turns above you"
Quote #3
"But the wizard was taking no risks. he lit up his wand-as he did that day in bilbos dining room that seemed so long ago if you remember- and by its light they explored the cave from end to end" Pg. 58 Ch4
Quote #2
and suddenly first one and then another began to sing as they played
Pg. 14 CH 1
Quote #7
By:Ryan Branscum
Pg. 42 Ch2
Quote #1
"But they could not open the door, not through they all pushed while gandalf tried various incantations"
This Quote Becuase it shows one of the first
times Teamwork is used in the book
this Quote shows the dwarfs being rescued by Bilbo and that Bilbo is becoming more reliable in the story
a team of dwarfs play music before the
shows a team of dwarfs making sure that shelter is safe for rest from the starm and giant game
out side
shows a team of Beorns animal friends
setting up the table for dinner
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