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ES House System

No description

michael hughes

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of ES House System

Introduction of a Seisen House System

Creates a sense of belonging and spirit
Gives more students chance to lead and take responsibility
Allows all students to compete in various activities, not just the elite
Students interact with different age groups
Creates a culture of positive role models within the school
Helps organize students for events such as Sports' Day, Picnic, UN Day. International Women's Day, etc.
4 Teams (RGBY)
Competition to design logos (HS?)
House t-shirts with logos become part of the uniform/PE kit package
Named after...
House Teams

Awarded once or twice a year and presented to House Captains
Engraved with winning House name
Points awarded for sporting and academic House Events throughout the year
House Cup
Divide students into Houses
Involve the students in planning, as House Captains
Promote in Assemblies, Homerooms and Newsletters
Have the logos designed
Order T-shirts
What Next?
Japanese Mountains:

ES Teachers sort classes initially into groups to achieve balance of:

Academic ability
Sporting ability

Lists then passed onto MS and HS to complete (siblings organized into same house)

House Captains

2 Students per House, per school
Help organize and promote House events
Keep displays organized

Recognition and Acknowledgment of Seisen Profiles

An objective of the House System is also to promote the Seisen Profile
How do students reflect on attributes?
How do we ensure they (and we) are recognizing when others display the attributes?
Consistent approach/agreements within schools
Decisions to be made within schools of how this could be done (e.g. would this count towards the House Cup?)
Any Questions?
"Evidence suggests systems of reward that are all the same for all pupils within a school can help to define behavioural expectations about the school system, acknowledge positive behaviour, and provide consistent consequences that are perceived to be fair. Providing a system that is transparent and robust increases the liklihood of this."
Dr Laura and Ann Merrett 2013
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