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Arched suspension

No description

Haley Pollinger

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Arched suspension

Arched Suspension Bridge By Haley P, Logan R, Andrew D, and Katlyn F Arch Bridge and a suspension bridge.... Truss Bridge The truss bridge on average can span from 171-193 feet. The first truss bridge was made out of timber in 1755 by Swiss, Hans Grubenmann. Truss was made to dissipate the forces of compression and tension.It is popular because it needs less materials than others. . Suspension bridges are made from steel and iron and are used to span across busy water ways. It is also the most expensive bridge. The arch bridge has been around for 1000's of years and is one of the oldest bridges. It can span from 800 to 1,000 feet and was first made out of stone or brick. Today arch bridges are made out of steel and concrete. When a load is put on the bridge the weight is carried along the outside of the arch then is moved to the supports on each end. Beam Bridges The beam bridge is the simplest bridge and can only span to 250 feet or less. Beam bridges need to be stiff in order to avoid twisting or bending. Basicly they are horizontal beams with supporters at each end. When weight is put on the bridge the top is compressed and the bottom is put under tension. Cable Stay Bridge The world's largest cable stay is Tatara Bridge in Japan. Different Types of Bridges The cable stay bridge has been around sense 1840 but it wasn't popular until the 1950's. The first modern was made with steel decks. The cable stay has different design methods some include; fan, harp, bundle or star design. Now they are made out of steel cables and concrete.
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