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How Classical Music Influences Society

Styles and Genres, by: Kris Z

Kris Z

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of How Classical Music Influences Society

By: Kris Z How Classical,Baroque, and Romantic Music Classical music directly influences pop culture These era's have a huge effect on today's society For example, Walter Murphy’s disco hit "A Fifth of Beethoven” samples Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. "Ode to Joy," also composed by Beethoven, has become a big piece of music on t.v and in movies. The simple melody of "Ode to Joy" is often one of the first things a beginning instrumentalist learns to play. Chuck Berry released his famous song titled "Roll Over Beethoven" as a single in 1956. Movies Baroque Era Rock 'N' Heavy Metal Art Baroque Style evolved from the classic forms of the Renaissance, but it differs by new details and trends: colossal buildings as proportions, double towers, tall and unshapely domes, annex buildings with beautiful ornaments, windows with irregular forms, statues, gargoyles, angels with bows or instruments, fountains, Influences Society Classical music has a big roles in movies and cartoons as well. Looney Tunes uses the classics "What's Opera, Doc?" and "The Rabbit of Seville"
The movies; Babe, Bronson, V for Vendetta, Die Hard, The Pianist, Spider Man 2, Space Jam, The Exorcist etc... Use a lot of classical songs from famous composers. Cartoons use classical music as well like for example; Loonie Toons, South Park, Simpsons, Charlie Brown etc.. Huge Beethoven influence in charlie brown. Classical Music influences many things in pop culture like Music, Movies/tv, fashion, etc. Lets start with music. Classical music influenced a lot of rock bands and pop bands. Also Evanessances "Lacrymosa" is essentially W.A. Mozart's "Lacrimosa" from "Lacrimosa Dies Illa" from his "Requiem Mass" The Romantic period was a revolutionary era succeeding the Classical period in Western Europe
It had beautiful romantic music that made people feel happy and rejoice life, feel like they could truly love. http://www.allegro-c.de/formate/cmm.htm http://www.ehow.com/about_5434940_influence-classical-music.html#page=2 http://www.chron.com/entertainment/gallery/Classical-music-in-popular-culture-17996/photo-1249415.php A lot of the rules in music theory, developed in the Baroque period by composers like Bach, They are still used today and a lot of people learn from it. Theories about the ways in which chords, scales and notes interact are relevant and used at least to some extent by all. The term Baroque means misshapen, bizarre, and extravagant. The harp was introduced in this era. There's a bunch of art influence in this era as well. The way they dressed at the time was about being different. This influenced some modern day styles that we see today as well. Example: Goth, scene, black leather, dark clothing, bizarre hair, leopard print, etc.. During the early 80's up to 1995, there was a renewed interest among heavy metal bands toward Baroque and classical music. But the roots of this movement started in the 60's. Heavy metal musicians have always been influenced by loud, emotional, and dramatic music that they’ve been exposed to. The biggest influences came from Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Paganini. For Example, the solo sections taken by Blackmore and Jon Lord are played over a descending bass line. http://merlinravensong2.tripod.com/Classic-Rock ...FIN Weddings A lot of weddings and funerals use classical / romantic music too soothe and show respect. All dependent on family and background. Romantic Era Everything In the end, everything influences everything and everything intertwines. But for sure without these era's the world would be completely different today. Referances People It's been said that people that listen to classical music often, when they listen to the music it lifts there moods and soothes themselves. Also apparently playing classical music like Mozart for a child helps brain development in a positive way due to the fact it puts the child in a "good" enviroment. The piano was introduced in this era http://www.pixel77.com/the-influence-of-art-history-on-modern-design--baroque-style/ Major Influences Bach Beethoven Bizet Boccherini Brahms Copland Mozart Handel Wangar Tchaikovsky Da vinci Poets Poets in this area wrote intelligent poems, supernatural poems, and down with nature poems. It influenced people to think about certain things in their poems. Haydn http://voices.yahoo.com/the-influence-nature-romantic-period-3151297.html How?
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