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Banpo Rainbow Bridge


Shortyperry1234 Diva

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Banpo Rainbow Bridge

Banpo Bridge
"Rainbow Fountain" Video and Pictures *Found in South Korea over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea
*World's longest bridge fountain (Guinness Book of World Records) Facts:
*Bridge was complete in 1982 (just structure) on top of the Jamsu bridge which was built in 1976, forming a "double deck" bridge.
-Low Deck are for pedestrian and bicycle paths -Top Deck are for cars.
*Constructed by Seoul Metropolitan Infrastructure Headquarters
* Made of girder: found on bridge abutments and fountain
*Made for people and cars to travel from Seocho District and the Yongsan District: travel over water Established: *Water display was not installed until September 9th 2008 completing bridge that exact same day
*The cost to complete lights and structure was around 25 million dollars
*190 tons of water are used a day to present such a display
*has no effect on traffic
*Both the water and lights are managed by three OASE Show Controllers (responsible for establishment of water and light designs) Recent Years By Esme and Martha *it's 1.140 kilometers in length (3,740 Ft.) with width of 92" (28m)
*water comes out through 9380 nozzles on the left and right side of bridge: upper deck
*190 tons of water every minute is pumped by a near-by river
*The height of bridge is about 60m Fun Facts *When water level is too high, the Jamsu Bridge becomes covered
with water and gets closed off.
*During water display, colorful water waves up and down in an elegant motion
(Will See Video) *It's very eco-friendly to environment Resources -http://freshome.com/2008/10/21/latest-seoul-major-tourist-attraction-banpo-bridge/






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