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liam crespo

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of IRT

How did football become a global game and what is the history behind it. It was a lot of fun This term the whole of year 6 participated in a topic called IRT INFO REPORT BOOK REVIEW Narrative You had too choose a question and answer it by writing a information report you had to do a
write a narrative.
read a book related to your topic/then write a book review. Fine Arts RESEARCH Research was hard because i was not sure if the information that i was getting from the wed was right or wrong. But other wise it was pretty easy. Unfortunately i was unable to get a expert on my area. NOTE TAKING Note taking was not very hard. But at the start of the term i did not know how to do note taking and i was getting massive chunks of information and writing it into my book. Any questions? Fine Arts was probably the thing i did not enjoy that much because i am not good at art but i think i did a good job. That's right Torres
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