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Senior Night 2014

An Introduction to the College Admissions Process

Tim Munnerlyn

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Senior Night 2014

Senior College Night
Eddie Wexler, HS Principal
Derrick desVignes, HS Assistant Principal
Laura Berntson, HS Counselor (A-J)
Tim Munnerlyn, HS Counselor (K-Z)
Heather Kaddoura, Counseling Assistant
Sarah Robison, College and Careers
Guiding Principle
“No matter what the nationality or gender of the student, no matter what the location of the university, no matter what the student wants to study, college is a match to be made, not a trophy to be won.”
Overall Process (pg. 42-44)
Identifying Colleges
Deadlines and Admission Requirements
Supporting Documentation
Standardized Tests
Teacher Recommendations
Senior Interview
Application Process
Where in the World Do ACS Graduates Go?
53% of ACS 2010 graduates went to US universities
14% went to Canadian universities
12% went to Europe (not UK)
6% went to the United Kingdom
3% went to Middle Eastern universities
3% went to Australia/New Zealand
1% went to Hong Kong
8% Other (gap year, foundation year, applying now, or other)
Student Body
Majors/Programs Offered
Family Nearby
Type of institution
Housing Availability
Identifying a University (p.10)
Using Naviance - New Search Engine - Super Match
Developing List of Colleges
Three classifications:
Reach - highly selective
Target (50-50) - half or more of the students with a similar profile are admitted
Likely (safety) - most students with a similar profile are admitted

# of Applications will vary from student to student.The average for ACS seniors is 6-8 apps. (up to 10). It is important to have a balanced list.
Factors Considered by Colleges
(pg. 10-11)
Grades and Courses
Test Scores
Are You Interesting?
Extra Curricular Activities
College Needs
Are College Requirements Met?
Deadlines and Admission Requirements
Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling, Regular (pg. 58)
UCAS Deadlines - Oct. 15th and Jan. 15th
Deadline January 1st? - need requests by December 11th!!
Fed Ex - 80 Dirhams to send
Country Timelines (pg. 27)
Specific University Requirements
Standardized Tests (subject tests) (pg. 13)
Core Subjects/GPA Essays/Personal Statements (pg. 61-67)
Standardized Tests
SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests www.collegeboard.com
ACT www.actstudent.org
TOEFL www.ets.org
IELTS: Contact British Council
Important Dates (pg. 13)
Check each Universities requirements!
Teacher/Referee Recommendations (pg. 52)
Not required by all schools
Waving your rights and the Common App
Applying via UCAS?
Who to choose?
Following up
Thank you
Application Process
Online through website (most have this)
Paper applications
Common Application (usually requires supplements) The blue screen on Naviance
Clearinghouse Systems (UCAS, Texas, California, Ontario)
International Student Status
After Applications Have Been Sent
Follow up with universities to ensure they have received all materials
Senior year is a full year… senioritis is not a disease, but if you catch it, you may have your college offer revoked during the summer!
Midyear reports are sent in January (includes second semester classes that to be taken in the spring)
Inform the Counseling Center
Wait list
Prepare for Senior Meeting
Finalize College List
Set deadlines and stick to them
Gather important financial documents for grants, loans and scholarships
Attend College Visit sessions!
Like us on Facebook and Twitter
Maintain accurate transcripts   

Manage the sending of all school documentation to the colleges and universities: Transcripts, profile, school reports, letters of recommendations   

Assist students on request for college information  

Monitor overall process and help students compile all the pieces of the application 

 Remind students of upcoming deadlines

 Provide information about college and university reps visiting your school   

Coordinate teacher’s letter of recommendations  
Maintain a file of admission actions   

Publish school profile   

Problem solve for any external agencies such as TOEFL, SAT, ACT (We have no real responsibilities with these folks)   

Write reports or recommendations when so requested by the student
Research Colleges/universities  
Read your eMail Daily    

Ask teachers for letter of recommendation    

Check transcript with your counselor
 Sign up for appropriate tests  
Talk with University reps  
 Fill out applications  
 WATCH Deadlines   

 Give appropriate forms to your counselor: Secondary school report (or Counselor’s report), Mid year reports, Teacher rec. forms    

Keep photocopies of all forms and applications mailed   
Keep accurate records of when things are mailed   

Inform Allison and your counselor of all admission decisions ASAP.
Keep your Naviance Account updated
Discuss openly financial restrictions and funding for colleges

Prepare financial forms as required: CSS Profile, FAFSA, Foreign Student Fin. Aid Forms, Certification of Finances or bank letters
Provide application fees as needed (keep a copy!)

Assist students in management of deadlines

Proof reading applications and essays

Assist in gathering of information if needed (especially important if dealing with embassies)

Balance the pressure you put on your teen—they need some push, but keep in mind this is their responsibility!

Keep your own expectations in check.
You Represent Future ACS Graduates
Are you on the right track?
Or have you not yet reached the station?
Keep track of your points as you answer the following questions
Did you meet with your counselor last spring to talk about post secondary options?
A. Yes, we made a game plan for the summer and the fall. (4 points)

B. Yes, but I don't remember what we talked about. (2 points)

C. Who is my counselor? (0 points)
Did you visit colleges and speak with admissions counselors?
A. Yes and I have a better perspective on the kinds of schools that I will be applying to (4points)

B. No, because of travel restrictions or other summer plans. But I did a lot of research on colleges(2 points)

C. No, but my skills at Candy Crush are solid (0 points)
How far along are you with your college essay/personal statement?
A. Good, I've completed rough drafts and am now getting some feedback. (4 points)

B. Good, still working on a rough draft or have a good idea of what I'm going to write about. (2 points)

C. Really, we have to write an essay? I thought you were kidding about that. (0 points)
Have you completed your brag sheet?
A. Yes! (4 points)

B. Close to completion just need to add a couple of things. (2 points)

C. Where is the brag sheet located again? (0 points)
Have you narrowed down your list of schools?
1. Yes, the list of school that I'm applying to is nearly complete and is between three and ten. (4 points)

2. Yes (sort of), is a list of twenty schools too many? (2 points)

3. Not really, but we've narrowed it down to the East Coast! (0 points)
Are you on the same page with your parents regarding schools and financing?
A. Yes, we have worked together and feel confident in all the schools I'm applying to. (4 points)

B. Mostly, we have reached a compromise on all of my schools. (2 points)

C. My parents have notified me of my list of colleges...by email.
(-10 points)
Final Tally
24 to 20 points = You're on the right track!

19 to 12 = You're getting there

11 to 0 = You've not made it to the train station yet!
College visits to ACS
Forms/Process in packet
Next Steps
Booking a Senior Meeting
It's Now Time to Apply!
Supporting Documents
Brag Sheet - Naviance
Finalized List - Doc and Naviance
Early Decision / Early Action / Regular
Standardized Tests -
SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Teacher Recommendation Plan - Doc and Naviance
Via School, Common App or Other
Completing all essays
How is Financial Aid dispersed?
Scholarships, Grants, Work Study
School Loans

UK Application Process
Centralized System (UCAS)
Oct. 15th (Dental/Medical, Oxford/Cambridge)
Jan. 15th
We recommend, the sooner the better
Foundation Year
Five Choice
Account and Buzzword
What the school adds to your application
Referee's statement
Predicted Grades
What the School sends:
Transcripts, Recommendation Letter, Profile
The Counselor Form
Electronic vs. Fed Ex (85 Dhms)

What the Student sends
Financial Information
Standardized Test Scores

FAFSA - US Citizens
International Student Options

It's "The Time of the Season"
What did we accomplish this afternoon?
6. Three Action Plan items to be complete prior to Senior Meeting
1. Senior Meeting is Set!
2. Brag Sheet is Complete
3. Teacher Recommendations Procedure
has been reviewed
4. ACT/SAT Test Plan Reviewed
5. Updated College List
Why have a College Kickoff today?
The Counselors' Bottom Line
September 4th - 6:30pm
FAFSA, CSS Profile and Scholarships
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