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Mr. Barnisky

No description

Zachary Barnisky

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Mr. Barnisky

Mr. Barnisky
Graduated from Marian Catholic High School and East Stroudsburg University
2007 PA Class A All-State Football Player
Recrutied Division 1 AA and
Division 2 to play football
I chose ESU becasue I knew I wanted to teach
This is my sixth year of teaching.
I tought two years at Our Lady of the Angels in Lansford, Pennsylvania, one year at Mary G. Porter Traditonal School, and 2 years at Woodbridge Middle School
I love music
90's Alternative Music
Middle Child
Two Brothers
Matt 30
Jake "Jerry" 21
Love History
"Civil War"
Before I taught while in middle school, high school, and college I worked on a Christmas Tree Farm and for the PA Turnpike
1. New School
2. New Year
3. High Expectations
of you!!

Be a P.R.O.

I want you to create
(Word Web) about yourself
that you will share with the class:

Name 10 things that describe you. (8 minutes)

Find a partner that....

9th Grade World History 1
Assisstant Head Coach and
Offensive Coordinator for
Freedom Varsity Football
As the video is playing, write down things that you recognize and we will discuss at the conclusion of the video
History of the World in Seven Minutes
Lunchroom Fight Activity

On your blank sheet of paper draw a map of the world.
On your map, label the following
3 countries
4 cities
Place a star where we live
Your Binder should have 5 dividers:
Notes, Vocabulary, Maps, Homework, and Resources
Place your Syllabus in the Resources section
Design your Cover including:
Title – World History I or Pre-AP World History
3 pictures that describe you
4 words you would use to describe yourself as a High School student
Homework: Design Your Notebook
Tattoo Parlor:

Create a picture/tattoo that uses 8 of the ten things that describe you!

This will be your Binder Cover.

Historical Questions:
1. How do historians create theories?
2. Are historian's theories 100% accurate? Why or why not?
3. What is a primary source? Secondary Source? Bias? Perspective?
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