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English 9 Day 16

Intro to Steinbeck

Becky Brown

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of English 9 Day 16

Write a poem that evokes
a place you love.

John Steinbeck
A brief biography...
born in 1902, in Salinas, California
his father was a country treasurer, his mother was a former schoolteacher who shared his love of books
during his summers, he worked on nearby ranches, getting to know the migrant workers who had been hired there
graduated from Salinas High, attended
Stanford, but never received his degree
traveled to New York City, held odd jobs while pursuing his dream of becoming a writer
fails to get work published, returns to California
publishes Tortilla Flat in 1935
Steinbeck works as a war correspondent during WWII
goes on a voyage around the Gulf of California with a friend, Ed Ricketts
dies in New York City in 1968
The Great Depression
severe, worldwide economic depression continuing from 1929 to the late 1930s
longest, most widespread and
deepest depression of the 20th century
the Depression originated in the U.S.
beginning with a fall in stock prices and
culminating with the crash of October 29, 1929
known as Black Tuesday
unemployment in the U.S. at 25%
The Salinas Valley
agriculture dominates the economy; often called the "Salad Bowl" of California
during the 1930s, some 1.3 million migrants from the Midwest came to California to find work
1) Research the title Of Mice and Men. Where does it come from? To what does it refer? Be ready to share your findings on Friday, October 11.
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