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Theme- Main Idea- Moral

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Lindsay Burhans

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Theme- Main Idea- Moral

Theme Definition:
a general concept or idea the author is trying to point out

Keyword: POINT OUT Helpful ways to find the theme: Ask yourself: "This book is about __________."
- what is it about?
-be specific!
Remember: a theme is a STATEMENT.

If you have created a theme that is simply one word then you are not there yet. You need to elaborate and be specific! A theme is like the spokes of an umbrella. Main Idea A main idea is like an umbrella handle Definition: the subject of the story Question:
So how is this different than a theme? Answer:
A main idea is something that is very concrete. Here is an example from "The Giver"

Main Idea- Dystopian Society
Theme: the flaws of a Utopian Society Moral Definition: a lesson learned from the story about right and wrong Example: Little Red Riding Hood

-One of the morals of the story was to always do as you are told because that is what you are supposed to do. Umbrella Example:

The moral of the story is that should always remember your umbrella when you think it is going to rain.

Theme: the spokes of an umbrella
More than one

Main Idea: the umbrella handle
Subject of the story
Very concrete

Moral: when to use an umbrella
Lesson about right and wrong
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