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MIS PTCL Final Project

No description

fahad Mehmood

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of MIS PTCL Final Project

Finally SAP Structured Analysis Program Introduction MIS FINAL PROJECT
Management Information System OF PTCL Era of development 1962-74
Backbone of telecoms industry.
Launched its mobile data service UFONE in late 90's.
Privatization in mid 2005.
Over 2000 exchanges nationwide. Vision HRMIS PTCL introduced “HR Online hiring management system”.
A special emphasis is being laid on developing of sense of responsibility and politeness in the minds of employees especially in the lower management and staff.
Training schools like telecom staff college, regional telecom training schools and divisional telecom training center is also changed with the trends in technical and managerial training.
This entire training institute is very important for PTCL, as it helps organization with respect of trends. PTCL Department Content IT Department.
Technical Department.
HR Department.
Finance Department.
Services Department.
Corporate Development Department.
Commercial Department.
Procurement & Administration Department.
Business Zone North, Central & South Department.
Special Projects Department. IT Service Desk IT software program used for employee query handling within PTCL After Privatization PTCL's main focus was on
Voice Communication
Pak internet exchange
Satellite communication To be the leading Information and Communication Technology Mission "Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service Objectives & Goals Redefine the established boundaries of the telecommunication market.
Instant access to new products and ideas
Better living standards .
To become the first choice of there user
To Provide the best telecommunication service in Pakistan. Information System PTCL's Info. system is divided into two stages 1. Strategic, management, knowledge and operational level.

2. Functional areas such as sales and marketing, manufacturing finance, accounting and HR. PTCL's Managment Info System It consists of following elements Computerized Fault Management System (CFMS)
BCCS (Business and Customer Care System)
Partial Office Automation System
Human Resource Management Information System
Structural Analysis Program (SAP) CFMS Computerized Fault Management System Complaints Concerned Department Auto call-back to customer Disadvantages Security threats because there is no proper security available for this system, within the organization employee can erase or alter the data.
No immediate backup for failure of this system.
This system is not able to automatically take action, either program or script to take corrective action. Providing quick customer feedback to top management when needed, regarding their problems.Track the faults and complaints in less time.Focus on the customer satisfaction.Help managers to understand difficulties of customers regarding problem solution.A self-generated message by system is sent to the senior manager when a problem is not solved. Advantages BCCS (Business and Customer Care System) PTCL's whole network runs on this software.
Costs approximately 3 Arab Rupees.
It is operated at all business levels of PTCL. i.e operational level, Middle level, Top level BCCS Functions Franchise and Payphone Management
Customer information/database
Product/service information
Sales management
Order entry
Order management
Resource management Advantages of BCCS Immediately can track the data about the customer,making billing processes easy.
Purpose of BCCS is to control. Monitor and manage the entire PTCL network and to enhance management through a transparent and centralized platform.
Increase network availability through enhance quality of service and centralized performance statistics and reporting mechanism.
It provides the description about the resources used by the organization and help managers to managing the resources. Disadvantages of BCCS Much complicated software for operational level employees.
Chances of identity theft in the system.
Breakdown of this system can be the breakdown of the whole network of PTCL.
This system takes some time in making a decision, which makes the productivity a little bit slow. Group Members

Asad Saleh Hayat 13891
Fahad Mehmood 2720
Noman Saghir 13906
Ameer Hamza 13907 Partial Automation Office System PTCL also implement partial office automation system, which is based on database. Office automation is a great way to save money and time while protecting your important business information. It includes only two following things Advantages of Automation Systems Office automation gets many tasks accomplished faster.
It also eliminates the need for a large staff.
Less storage required for data to store. No paper storage.
Multiple people can upload data simultaneously in the event of schedule change. Disadvantages of Automation Systems Heavy capital investment, it involves higher capital outlay, problems of the cost of capital, it is a luxury for small firms, but big firms need big investment.
Displacement of the labor/staff, workers in unions opposes the move for automation.
Problem with the developing countries, shortage of highly skilled personnel, shortage of capital. Human Resource Management Information System A department consisting of technical staff, IT experts. deals with any employee related issues or queries, like personal issues, technical errors/difficulties, inventory, accounts, attendance issues, leaves and any other issue. level 2 A three Level Process Employee registers complaint by dialing desired extension
Staff at other end looks into the query, either level 1 handles such kind of complaint
If yes, takes 3 to 5 mins to solve.
If not, forwarded to level 2. Level 1 Query gets in the hand of more technical staff.
They handle things that cannot be handled by level 1
Any technical difficulty that is not in the reaches of level 1 staff Level 3 Level 3 If the problem is still not rectified by the above two levels than it is forwarded to the next level which is level three.
Here it is analyzed and the query is finally fulfilled and completed. Which was not in the access of above two levels.
A more Pro Staff is present here to aid the employees of PTCL.

Max time to handle any query is 2hrs. Exceeding the time limit may result in penalizing the staff handling the query. An outsourced software purchased by PTCL.
A German Software.
SAP handles all the data management like accounts, inventory, attendance system, medical leave issuance,
IT department is responsible for every information they are gathering in the organization, whether it is about their own employees or customer. Advantages Software solution that covers all commercial processes and transactions.
All work processes within a PTCL are linked through data and functions using the R/3 System.
The R/3 System has a uniform graphical user interface for all application areas.
Ability to “drill down” to whatever level of detail you need is legendary.
Desktop integration in the R/3 System means that whenever you want data moved into a desktop PC application, it is a mouse-click away Disadvantages •A disadvantage of SAP is the high cost of purchasing and implementing this program.
•A disadvantage of SAP is the complexity built into the software; training programs are required for the personnel who will operate/use the software.
•Precise knowledge required to operate this software. dsfkjh
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