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Jean-Baptiste Maunier

Biographical presentation of the French actor/artist

Cassidy Mills

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Jean-Baptiste Maunier

French actor and artist Jean-Baptiste Maunier Early Life J.B. Maunier was born n September 22, 1990 at Brignoles in the Var.

In the equivalent of sixth grade he decided to join his a renowned chorus, Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc.

This was where he learned to train his voice and realized his passion for performing. Big Break After graduating high school he flew to America to spend a year at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in order to improve his acting skills

Christophe Barratier, director of Les Choristes, discoved Jean-Baptiste and his amazing voice during a casting call to find the choir who was going to sing in the film's soundtrack. (apparently most of the other boys in the movie couldn't sing.)

On March 17th 2004 Les Choristes was released in theatres and it became a great success. The boys in the movie would go on to tour all around the world performing in concerts to promote the movie. From music to movies Jean-Baptiste left the choir in February 2005 to be able to devote more time to his studies, which he made a priority, and to his career as an actor.

As one of his last musical performances he sang a duet with Clémence Saint-Preux which was called Concerto Pour Deux Voix.
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