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The Golden Goblet

English work for the novel, The Golden Goblet, by Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Andrei Lasc

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of The Golden Goblet

Eloise Jarvis McGraw Eloise Jarvis McGraw Characters Setting Plot
Diagram Eloise Jarvis McGraw was
born on December 9, 1915
and died on November 30,
2000 at the age of 84. Some
of the awards that she
earned were the Newbery Honor and Edgard Award for best Juvenile. She was awarded the Newbery Honor not only once, but three times. She was born and raised in Texas. Figurative language The Golden Goblet Andrei Lasc Published in 1961 Ranofer




Wenomon Ranofer is a curious 12-year-old boy that loves the art of goldsmithing
Gebu is Ranofer's cruel half brother that is a tomb thief
Heqet is a Ranofer's humorous friend that is also 12 years old
Ancient is a old papyrus cutter who has a pet donkey named Lotus
Wenamon is Gebu's partner in crime who happens to live by Heqet The Street of the crooked dog is a dark, creepy street where Ranofer and Gebu live.
The little green room is Ranofer, Heqet, and Ancient's private meeting room that they go to at noon and after work.
Rekh the goldsmith's workshop is a little house with a small gate at the front.
The stone cutting shop is a dirty workshop with scrapes of rock on the floor Personification- "I can hear
my toes telling each other what
a fine fellow I am to bring them
Simile- "Come, don't pull into your
shell like a tortoise"(107).
Metaphor- "The stone dust that
powdered him seemed a badge of
slavery Recommendation I would recommend this book, The
Golden Goblet to a friend because it is a action packed novel. The book is a bit uninteresting in the beginning, but will gradually get more exiting as you climb towards the climax. There is an important moral in this story to never end what you enjoy doing most. Ranofer is tested when having to change jobs from his beloved gold shop. Never stop trying to get your way and eventually you will succeed. Introduction In the beginning of The Golden Goblet, Ranofer is working at the goldshop, making gold ingots and then returning to the street of the crooked dog to hand over his earned coppers to his evil half-brother, Gebu. Rising Action Ranofer gets an opportunity to show Rekh that he is an excellent gold smith when he makes gold leaves. He succeeds in making the leaves. He realizes that Gebu and Ibni are stealing gold from Rekh's gold shop. He tells his new friends, Hequet and Ancient. Ranofer is transferred from working at the gold shop to being apprenticed at Gebu's stone cutting shop. Ranofer realizes that it is no use in trying to become a gold smith anymore, so he tries to learn the art of stone cutting. Climax Ranofer wakes up early to the sound of Gebu's footsteps, so he follows him through the streets and to the valley of the tombs. There he follows Gebu and Wenamon to the broken tree, into Queen Tuaa and King Huaa's tomb, and into the burial chamber itself.Gebu and Wenamon realize that someone is int the tomb with them when Ranofer makes a vase fall and break. Ranofer escapes the tomb and traps Gebu and Wenamon. Falling Action Ranofer is running through the sand toward the city when he spots Heqet and Ancient. Heqet and Ancient go to the secret enternce and guard it while Ranofer runs and gets help from Zau. Zau was not home but Ranofer was caught by a soldier and then taken by a short man named Qa-nefer of Abydos and taken to see the queen. Resolution The queen sent soldiers to the tomb and the thieves were caught. Ranofer was rewarded by being given a donkey and now being a pupil of Zau the goldsmith. Heqet and Ancient received each a ring set with greenstone amulets.
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