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Binder Setup

No description

Kelli Justusson

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Binder Setup

Why do I need a binder?
What goes in my binder?
Blank notebook paper
Class notes
Completed & Returned work
Pencil Pouch
>4 pencils
>4 pens
any other supplies you need daily in class
Step 1
Using your schedule, label your dividers with your class names, including PACK. These should go in your binder in the order you go to your classes.
Place the dividers in order in your binder.
You do not need a divider for Band, Choir, or PE/Athletics
Step 2
Place your pencils, pens, etc. neatly in your pencil pouch.
Avoid putting any trash in the pencil pouch. By keeping it clean and organized you will know when you are running low on supplies.
Place the pencil pouch in the front of your binder.
Step 3
Place your blank notebook paper between the pencil pouch and the first divider. This makes it easy to get to, and you will know when you are running low.
Step 4
As you receive papers, letters, and assignments in your classes, place them behind the correct divider.

Do not throw anything away until at least January.

Your binder will become very full, but it should stay organized.
Step 5
Carry your binder with you wherever you go!

All of your teachers will expect you to have it except for PE, Athletics, and Band.

All teachers can take a grade on binder checks! You never know when they might decide to do a quick binder check.
We like big binders at HMS!
Binder Setup
Follow the instructions for a neat, organized binder!
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