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No description

Lily Sykes

on 2 August 2018

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Transcript of L

Love is in the air
Critical Thinking
The three important objects Miss Golden mentions to Jason as they leave the Grimes building are a
fire escape
, and a

Jason uses this information to go explore the Grimes building, to see if the rumors are true; about the ghosts!
in a teasing way
"'Yes, I do,' Miss Golden answered tantalizingly" (48).
Critical Thinking
Sade' :) Randolph!
Madeleine :) Gagliano!
Lily :) Sykes !
The Grimes Buildings is home to the normal offices of Moreton Wold and Company by day, but by night, they are anything but normal. The towers hold a chilling secret that comes to life after dark and Jason Ashgrove, the new assistant, intends to find out exactly how gruesome it is .
Critical Thinking
In the love story about the ghost the main couple are William Heron,and Daisy Bell. The love story in the main plot are with Jason Ashgrove and Berenice Golden .
The two love plots connect because the love develops inside of the Grimes Building .
The way Jason reacted to the news of the curse was in terror and by jumping off the fire escape using the parachute. They completed the fate of the curse but, they also made it so they live!
"It was approaching him fast, bearing down on him, urgent, Menacing" (51)
" She began to reciprocate his love, and they used too share a picnic supper every night at eleven , and she'd stay on a while to keep him company"(52).
laughable, absurd; ridiculous
"Just the same it is a preposterous situation"(53)
"Without much need of prompting, the staff hustled like lemmings along the corridors to green- and blue-tiled washrooms that mocked with an ilusion of cheerfulness the encroaching dusk" (47).
sneaky; hidden
"A tiny furtive wedge of darkness beckoned him, a snicket, a hacket, an alley carved into the thickness of the buiding" (50).
Main Conflict
The main conflict is the Heron curse that states " Anyone who meets the ghost of William Heron will himself, within five days , leap down from the same fatal fire escape" (53). Unfortunately the protagonist Jason Ashgrove sees the ghost while he tries to figure out the secret of the Grimes Building. These events bring Mrs. Golden and Jason together!
Critical Thinking
The action Jason takes to avoid the curse that awaits those who see Heron's ghost is that he reunited Mr. Heron and Miss Bell. His action lets future people be free to wonder the hall without fear of being cursed.
Main Conflict ( sub-plot)

Within the narrative, there is a short ghost story that is told. In the ghost story, the main conflict is that two ghosts who were in love while they were alive became separated when they died. The couple haunted the Grimes Buildings ever since until Mr. Ashgrove reunited them.
Structural Choices
The author decides to add an additional story into the narrative in order to give the reader information as to why the Grimes Buildings are haunted. This allows the reader to understand the conflict better. The author also gives hints about the secret of the building from the first lines of the story. The first line of the writing is "'No one is allowed to remain in the building after five o'clock...Directorial policy'...but that was not the reason" (47). This draws the reader in and creates suspension.
Plot Devices
The author uses foreshadowing throughout the story. An example of this is when Berenice tells Jason "And anyone who meets the ghost of William Heron will himself, within five days, leap down from the same fatal fire escape" (53). This foreshadows Mr. Ashgrove jumping off the fire escape. However, it does not predict him and Berenice surviving the fall.
Story Affects
The story "Sonata for Harp and bicycle" the reader was giving a suspenseful feeling.Throughout the story the author makes us believe that in the end our beloved character Jason Ashgrove would be dead in five days, since he saw the ghost of William Heron. In the end they actually do compete the curse's fate that says " Anyone who meets the ghost of William Heron will himself, within five days , leap down from the same fatal fire escape" (53). In the end they do jump off the fire escape, but the only thing that changed was that he had a parachute; that prevented them from dying! It was very unexpected.
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