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No description

Aminah Badmus

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of JOHN W. HETRICK

His Life
The Thinking of an Airbags
Which is better?
John Hetrick
Innovation Vs. Invention
How Does It Work?
An airbag is triggered by a sudden decrease in acceleration, like if the car stopped abruptly, like for a car crash.It also acts as a pillow that protects the driver and the passenger from head damage and collision.

Aminah Badmus and Kareeme Brownlee
4 March, 2014
Facts About Airbags
Their Purpose
The Purpose of Airbags
What's an airbag? An airbag is a safety device implanted in a automobile for safety purpose. Deadly accidents have been brought down by 11% by airbags. It's triggered when an electronic sensor in the car feels a sudden arrest in movement, such as a car crash. It's inflated at speeds up to 200 mph. The airbags is designated to help limit head and chest injuries.
The purpose of the airbags is to shield the driver and the passenger from flying into the windshield. It also cushion them from hitting their head on the steering wheel and the glove compartment.

The airbag is designed to help limit head and chest injuries. As a corpse, or a body hits the bag, the bag deflates as gas escapes through the vent.
He served in the military
He was in a car accident, with his wife and daughters
He was in a blended family.
He was an industrial engineer.
He was married.
He was born to Julia and Charless Hatrick.
The car accident that he was in with his daughter and wife caused to make the invention of airbags.
He changed his last name to Hetrick.
He was born on March 15, 1902
He would have later died in June 6, 1966, 64 years later.
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