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Infographics - A Guide

No description

es admin

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Infographics - A Guide

Establish an interesting topic with unique and catchy title
Are infographics
a new fad?
What is an
Ok... so why use Infographics?
A Guide
Some even get made into videos...
Or to put it
more simply...
They are often a
combination of
and text...
Absolutely not!
They've been around
for longer than
you or I...
Infographics are made of 3 key elements
Which translates as...
People have short attention spans...
Is the average time people
give web content before
deciding whether to read on...
2-4 Seconds
A picture says a thousand words...
Infographics get straight to the point.
They explain complex information quickly.

When people are engaged by something, they love to talk about it...
Meaning their reach across the internet has been a runaway success!
The results speak
for themselves...
Which means business cannot afford to ignore their power as an engaging communication method...
So how can infographics help with sustainability?
and with their increased exposure...
Can build trust
and credibility...
They can help you communicate extremely complex issues, simply and effectively...
What makes a good infographic?
To date most corporate infographics are purely concerned with making data look pretty...
Don't be afraid to use them as a tool to guide stakeholders to take action...
"Call to Action" vs "Update"
Volvo Sustainability Report 2012
Include diverse sources of statistical interest
Keys to success...
Draw graphics to support the talking points
Keep the colours minimal and use highlight colours to draw attention the key points
Use colour intelligently...
illustrations can add humour and personality
Make it obvious...
Ensure the charts and graphs show clear and easy to understand results and trends
Be impactful with stats...
Which means they have enormous viral potential...
of people...
extra products recycled
6 out of 10
of mobile users...
targets hit
of 2013

more access

greater transparency
which together...
Both for sustainability reporting generally...
...and for communicating initiatives and processes.
Let's Discuss! of complex ideas communicated with
Clarity, Precision & Efficiency
'The Leonardo Da Vinci of Data' according to the The New York Times
Mr. Edward R. Tufte
more eyes will
see the good work
you are doing...
MHPM Corporate SustainAbility Report 2010-11
Govt3 Program
Facebook Reporting Guide
SC Johnson - Making Better Products
McDonalds Global Sustainability Scorecard
Coca Cola Sustainable Games
Walmart Board Report
Soap & Glory
World Bank,,contentMDK:23221288~pagePK:64885161~piPK:64884432~theSitePK:5929282,00.html
Ok, so I've made a nice Infographic. How do I ensure it gets seen?
Don't hide it in your corporate reports...
Give it maximum visibility!
...and promote easy sharing and embedding across social media...
Put it somewhere accessible on your website where it can be crawled by search engines
Measuring success...
Determine the increase in inbound links using Google Webmaster Tools
Track the number of image file downloads for the graphic
Measure new mentions, retweets and shares on social media
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