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Question 4

No description

Rich Pott

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Question 4

Question 4 LO: To be able to identify and explain the effect of linguistic features. 1. Linguistic Techniques 2. Exemplar In pairs Question Practice Share Answer Race to the Pole Starter Oh and also... The Question Starter Read this: Question 4 is NOT about what you learn from the text.
Question 4 is NOT about the feelings of the author.
Question 4 is NOT about following an argument.

It is simply about...

Identifying the language techniques used by the author and saying why they're effective. It is also about comparing.

In contrast
In the same way
Differently... 1. Write down the PAF in your books.

2. In pairs... create a list of linguistic features that you can find in Ben Fogle's Extract.

Use your features sheet to help you. Now, pick 3 you think you can talk about and be prepared to share. You have 10 mins to write your answer to the question.

Aim for 3 paragraphs/points. The girl who wrote this paper scored 73/80 in her exam. She scored 15/16 for this question.

1. How many features did she talk about for each text?
2. What kinds of features did she talk about. Compare some ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. Give examples and explain the effects. Write 4 language devices the author uses and explain the effect they're supposed to have on the reader. You have 5 minutes to find as many as possible. Read her answer to question 4 together and then discuss and answer these questions: Start with PAFs
1. What tone is established at the beginning and why?
2. Pick out some effective vocabulary. What effect does this have?
3. Find a linguistic device and explain its effect.
4. Are sentences short or long overall? Effect?
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