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A Wrinkle in Time: Chapters 1-4

No description

Courtney Bratcher

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of A Wrinkle in Time: Chapters 1-4

A Wrinkle in Time: Chapters 1-4
Chapter 1: Mrs. Whatsit
Chapter 2: Mrs. Who
Meg wonders if last night’s events were a dream. Her mother tells her, “You don’t have to understand things for them to be real.”
Meg gets sent to the principal’s office for being rude. Meg feels the principal is only pretending to be concerned about her and is actually prying into her family’s business.
Charles Wallace convinces Meg to go with him and Fortinbras to the so-called haunted house where Mrs. Whatsit lives with her “friends” to get more information on the tesseract.

Chapter 2: Mrs. Who
At the house they meet Calvin O’Keefe, a popular athlete in 11th grade who explains that he is here to escape his family; he is the third of eleven children and felt a compulsion pulling him to the house. Satisfied by this response, Charles Wallace invites Calvin home with them for dinner.
Before the kids head home, they go inside and meet Mrs. Who, a plump little woman in large spectacles is busily sewing with the stolen sheets. Mrs. Who speaks in foreign quotes that she translates into English. She tells the kids that the "time" draws near, but first they must go home and get plenty of food and rest.
Chapter 3: Mrs. Which
Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin return to the Murry home for dinner. Calvin is impressed by the love of the Murry family.
Meg impresses Calvin by helping him with his math homework, which is several grade levels above of her.
Calvin reads Genesis to Charles Wallace while Meg and her mother talk. Mrs. Murry tells Meg she’s upset that her husband is gone but believes things always have an explanation even if we don’t understand it. Meg wishes she could understand everything and says that Charles Wallace seems to understand more than everyone else.
Calvin and Meg go for a walk and try to piece together clues to figure out where her father is. Calvin appears to be attracted to Meg and makes her blush by commenting on the beauty of her eyes.
Charles Wallace suddenly appears, announcing that it is time for them to leave on their mission to find Mr. Murry. Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who are there, then Mrs. Which appears as a shadowy figure with a quivering voice.

Chapter 4: The Black Thing
• Meg suddenly feels herself torn apart from Charles and Calvin and thrust into silent darkness. She tries to cry out to them but finds she does not have a body or a voice. Suddenly, she feels her heart beating again and sees Charles and Calvin shimmer back into material presence.
• Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which inform the children that they are on the planet Uriel and that they tessered or “wrinkled” to get there.
• Mrs. Whatsit transforms into a beautiful creature with a horse's body and a human torso to carry the children and show them what they are up against in the fight to save their father.
• The kids fly over beautiful creatures dancing and singing a beautiful song in a foreign language. Mrs. Whatsit helps Charles Wallace translate the song, which turns out to be a praise hymn. Mrs. Whatsit gives the children flowers to breathe through when the air becomes too thin.
• As they travel through the clouds of Uriel, Mrs. Whatsit shows them a view of a blackness that seems to swallow all the stars around it. The children can feel the evil the Black Thing exudes. Meg asks Mrs. Whatsit if the Dark Thing they saw is what her father is fighting.

On a dark and stormy night we meet ...
Meg Murry: a 14 year old girl who is worrying about not fitting in at school, her father who has been missing for years, and a tramp who she heard is stealing sheets in her neighborhood.
Charles Wallace: the strange, brainiac 5 year old brother of Meg who doesn’t speak in public and seems to be able to read minds and know the future.
Mrs. Murry: the beautiful, physicist mother of Meg, Charles Wallce, and 10 year old twins Sandy and Dennys.
Mrs. Whatsit: a strange, old “tramp” knows Charles Wallace, steals sheets, and comes to the Murry’s house in the middle of the night mentioning the tesseract. Her words about the tesseract trouble Mrs. Murry.
Fortinbras: the family dog.
Mrs. Whatsit
Mrs. Who
Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, & Mrs. Which
Mrs. Whatsit in Uriel
The Black Thing
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