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What Makes Egyptian Art unique?

No description

Maya Johnson

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of What Makes Egyptian Art unique?

Types of Art
People painted in dead Egyptian's tombs to decorate them
Art became a bigger deal after that

What materials did they use?
5 thousand years old
The Tree of Life
Preserved life size painted sculptures
Characterized by the idea of order
Intended for company
Art thrived in the Middle Kingdom

Fun Facts
Why is it important?
Based on their religion
Reflects every aspect of their life

What Makes Egyptian Art unique?
How was it created?
Sculptures; sculptors used clay, wood, metal, ivory, stone
Wall, pillar, and tomb drawings; sketched using charcoal
Pottery; used steatite and enamel
Paintings; made paintings to make the afterlife of the deceased a pleasant place
Architecture; built their tombs, temples, pyramids, and palaces
WHat are registers?
Scenes separated by parallel lines
Art with out them are very unusual
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Paint made of minerals and mineral substances
Colors and meanings
blue and green..Nile and life
yellow..Sun God
red..power and vitality
Paint brushes-sticks with fibrous wood frayed at the top
Stone, wood, metal, and pigments-used with sculpting

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By Vaijayanti Joshi.
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By: Julia Peksa, Grace Vornsand, and Maya Johnson
Thanks for
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