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Paying for College

No description

Laura Venos

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Paying for College

How much will college cost?
Cost of Attendance (COA) or Sticker Price includes:

1. Tuition and Fees
2. Room and Board (Food)
3. Books and Supplies
4. Personal Expenses and Transportation

In-State, Out-of-State, International, Public, Private, 2-year, 4-year, Trade School/Apprenticeship
How much will it REALLY cost?
Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = How much your family can afford to pay for college each year.


If your family income is below a certain threshold, you might have ZERO EFC. If your EFC is unrealistic, you can appeal.

How can I reduce costs?
Otterbein University - Case in Point

$42,000 Sticker Price
- $13,000 for having a weighted GPA of 3.8
- $3,000 for demonstration of community service
- $4,000 for multicultural background + leadership
- $2,000 for Yearbook (communications)

= $21,000 before loans - less than many in-state!

FREE Application for Federal Student Aid
www.fafsa.gov [NOT www.fafsa.com]
Tax Returns From 2015 for Incoming Class of 2017
Don't just have your parents do it!!!
You need a Federal Student Aid ID for you and one
for your parents
File all 4 years
CSS Profile - Not free, varies by college

Dependent vs. Independent

Grants and Scholarships
Free money!
Based on merit, community service, skills (writing, art, performance, etc.)
Automatically considered for many colleges, not all
Be aware of priority filing dates
Work Study and Other
Residential Advisor
Research Assistant
Office Assitant

Part-time job
Co-op programs
Let's talk ROI
Your major, job prospects, and salary
Alumni network
Long term planning and graduate degrees
Location cost

Laura Venos
College and Career Center Specialist
Paying for College
Yes, you can!
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