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P6 learning journey to malacca

No description

Jillian Eng

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of P6 learning journey to malacca

P6 learning journey to Malacca :)
On the way to Malacca!
Chloe Toh, Jonquil 6

What are you looking forward to most on this trip?
I'm looking forward to the school immersion program because I will get to meet new friends. And I think this trip will help me to gain independence as I will do many things on my own instead of my helper doing so.

When we went to SK Convent 1...
Soon it was time to bid farewell, the girls lined up to say good bye and gave us high-fives. We were sad to go, since we had learned and enjoyed so much of their school. We will miss them greatly.
Reflections ...
Activities that we did there!
We really hope that you have enjoyed this presentation!
Thank you for your kind attention!
So pretty!!
This trip has made us understand that we don't need to have the same building structure, uniform or badge, we can still be friends, no matter what race or religion.

Their school still keeps the traditional structure of a school, compared to our modern structure.
Even though the pupils of SK Convent 1 has a different badge and uniform compared to us, when we first entered the school, we could feel the similar IJ spirit instantly.

Our head prefect, Vallii made a speech, after which we sang 2 songs which we all knew very well. "IJ Spirit Burning Bright" and "Home"
Our Malacca friends performed an awesome dance called, "Let's Twist!" And after that, our P6 girls performed a traditional dance for all us.
They taught us how to make peacocks out of recycled paper cups!
In 10 minutes, we had become the best of buddies! They also really like the friendship bands that we had made.

Even if we are different in many ways, the IJ spirit continues on! We are all true, blue IJ girls!
GO IJ!!!
Bye- bye...
More reflections...
Victoria Law, Emerald 6
*My favourite part of the visit was mixing around with the students and singing with them.

Nadine Stewart, Cerise 6
*They were a little shy but very kind and friendly.

Kaelyn Ng, Amethyst 6
*The school looks nice and is different from the structure of our school. The students were very hospitable and friendly.

Phua Shyn Wei, Burgundy 6
*At first, I felt shy when I went to the school but i warmed up very soon as they were kind and friendly.

Kyra Wen, Mocha 6
*I enjoyed the performance by the dancers as they were nice and synchronized.

What we did in Malacca!
-Malacca has a rich cultural heritage and we were lucky enough to experience it!

-We had a hands-on session at batik painting, and brought beautiful masterpieces.

-We also had a heritage city tour throughout Malacca and learned many things…

School badges...
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