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Frustration, Stress and Burout

No description

Michelle Taboy

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Frustration, Stress and Burout

Frustration, Stress and Burnout
Mental Health and Mental Hygiene

is a stirred-up state of hopelessness that results when a person is prevented from satisfying his physiological needs.
simply defined, as the condition of being thwarted in the satisfaction of a motive
Physiological Problems
Environmental Problems
Man is born in a social environment surrounded by cultural norms and values. He is faced with cultural taboos and acceptable social behavior
Psychological Problems
known as internal problems and the most difficult to resolve as they are within the inner feelings of a person
Three main problems in life that bring out certain degree of frustration
more or less are our basic needs, meeting such needs is temporary
it may seem easy to cope with but when there is so much deprivation of such needs because of economic dislocation, the frustration may be irreversible and will affect the psychological condition
Environmental frustration cannot be avoided
Represent a more serious threat to the personality of the individual than do environmental frustrations
Reaction to Non-Satisfaction
- is the nonspecific psychological and physiological response of the body to any demand upon it.
According to Schwartz, stress is anything pleasant or unpleasant that interferes with the body's equilibrium is a stressor or source of stress
Any change, positive or negative, evokes stress
SELYE defined positive stress "unstress" and negative stress as distress
General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
Alarm Reaction
Fight or Flight
Exhaustion Stage
Causes the body to fall prey to stress-linked illnesses
Resistance Stage
The body adapts to the demand
STRESS: Effects on one's Behavior
Stress Mobile
Major Causes of Stress in Organization
1. Occupational Demand
Role Ambiguity - Stress from uncertainty
Overload or underload- Doing too much or too little
Responsibility for others A heavy burden
Lack of Social Support The cost of isolation
Lack of Participation in decision Helplessness, strikes
2. Non Work Demands
3. Physical Demands
4. Emotional And Stress Reaction
4 A's
to manage stress
- is a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion
- People with high expectations and high sense of purpose are the greatest victim
- Major contributor to burnout is
Work-related causes of Burnouts
Feeling like you have a little or no control over your work
Lack of recognition or rewards for good work
Unclear or overly demanding job expectations
Doing work that's monotonous or unchallenging
Working in chaotic or high-pressure environment
How to cope with stress
1. Express your feelings openly

2. Have a realistic expectation of yourself and others
3. Accept that you cant control every situation or decision
4. Get plenty of rest
5. Make time for activities that helps you relax
6. Solve problems one step at a time
7.Learn to accept changes
8.When thing get tense, close your eyes, relax your body and breath deeply
Coping with job Burnout
Actively address problems
Clarify your job description
Ask for new duties
Take time off
Sigmund Freud
-Normal and healthy person should do well replied "love and work"
Karl Manninger's
- It is the ability to maintain an even temper and happy disposition
Sydney Jourad
Healthy personality is manifested by the individual who has been able to gratify his basic needs through acceptable behavior
Characteristic of Mentally Healthy People
1. Self-Acceptance
2. Acceptance of others
3. Ability to meet the demand of life
Mental Health Problems in Business and Industry
Cliques in the work force
Wage increase
Evaluation of workers
work and assignments
Principles of Mental Health applied to the operations of Business and Industry
-The responsibility of management in any enterprise is not limited to the efficient and profitable production of goods and services, it also includes the satisfaction or the psychological wants of its workers
Is a branch of psychology which ideas with the mental, behavioral and emotional adjustment through the application of principle and practices
Three known ways to which the principles and practices of mental hygiene
The preventive approach
Positive environment
Therapeutic method
Curative Approach
"Preventive psychiatry"
Attempt to correct minor behavioral adjustments through the various counseling
Its concerned with the detection and correction of serious but curative behavioral maladjustments.
Salient points of view of mental hygiene
1. Respect for one's own personality and of others.

2. Recognition of limitations in self and in others.

3. An appreciation of the importance of the cause sequence in behavior.

4. A realization that behavior is a function of the whole individual.

5. An understanding of the basic need that motivates behavior.
Frustration, Stress and Burnout
Mental Health and Mental Hygiene
January 19,2014(Sunday)
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