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Fish In A Tree Discussion

No description

Kimberly Brown

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Fish In A Tree Discussion

Fish In A Tree Discussion
What did the title mean to you before reading?
Your brain just figures things out differently.
Learning Differences/Disabilities (Dyslexia)
Family Dynamics
Teacher/student relationships
Self esteem- Self advocacy
Learning styles
Military families/Moving
There are different ways for information to reach the brain.
Knowing is half the battle...
What strategies would you employ to assist Ally and other students with unique learning differences?
Let's try a Beers strategy!
Take a piece of paper and the writing utensil of your choice:
~After reviewing the image and quote by Albert Einstein, create a symbolic sketch of your interpretation of the text and when you are done you will share with the class.
Cross Curriculum Activities
Social Studies/History?
Finals Thoughts/Questions- Remember to "See the child before the student."
Take an index card...Read the question
1.) QUICKWRITE your answer (1 min.)
2.) Exchange cards with a peer
3.) Read question and answer aloud, then state if you agree or disagree with their answer and why.
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