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I am number four

No description

Josh Hatfield

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of I am number four

BY: PITTACUS LORE I AM NUMBER FOUR About the Book Culture Literary Connection Empirical Data Research: Works Cited When John was five years old, his planet, Lorien, was attacked by an evil race known as the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians destroyed the Loric population and stripped the planet of its resources. Nine Loric managed to escape and find refuge on the nearest life-sustaining planet, Earth. Their mission was to blend in, live among the Earthlings, and stay hidden from the Mogadorians hunting them until they were strong enough to take back their planet. They are protected by a charm that only allows them to be killed in numerical order. The Mogadorians found the first three. John is Number Four. The book takes place in the modern day United States, so the culture in the book is pretty much the same as ours. Money is not really an issue for the main characters because they brought precious gems from Lorien which were worth enough in Earthling money for them to not have to worry about paying for things. John and Henri have the ability to forge documents and create new lives for themselves wherever they go, so they don't worry to much about authority. Religion really has no role in the book. Their medical needs are taken care of through their own knowledge and the objects they brought from Lorien. Technology does become a bit of a problem for John and Henri, because things like cell phones and the Internet make it easier for the Mogadorians to find and track them, but it also makes it easier for them to keep track of the Mogadorians' activities. Overall, the culture in the book is both utopian and dystopian. However, there are two other societies mentioned that each clearly represent one or the other. The character that I connect with the most is probably Henri. Henri is very smart and responsible. He can be trusted to make the right decision based on logic rather than emotion, even when it is not necessarily the popular decision. I also feel kind of bad for him because he had a life before Lorien was attacked and he was forced to give that up and take on a new life. His job of keeping John safe on Earth was not an easy one, but he did it well for as long as he could. The only reason Henri wasn't able to protect him longer was because John refused to listen to him when he said they should leave Paradise. I think I am a lot like Henri and we would have gotten along well if he were real. As far as the issue of whether or not life exists outside of Earth, I am convinced that it does. However, I am not too concerned about the aliens invading our planet for its resources or trying to blend into our society. For some reason, everyone always assumes the the aliens are more technologically advanced than we are. Humans have been evolving for millions of years, and I think we have come pretty far, but we still are not capable of traveling to, or even communicating with, life on other planets, so why should we assume that they are? I think we will eventually be able to confirm that there is life outside of Earth. I am not sure what we will do with that information, but I hope that we can get along peacefully. Characters John Smith(a.k.a. Number Four): -Protagonist
-Ten years ago John traveled to Earth with eight other Garde and their Cépan from the planet Lorien. He has been traveling around the U.S. with his Cépan, Henri, avoiding the Mogadorians that are looking for him. He does his best to blend in with the humans while he waits for his Legacies (superpowers) to develop so he can fight back against the Mogadorians. Any time something suspicious happens, the two of them simply pack up and move on to the next place. Each new place comes with a new name, a new school, and a whole new life. "John Smith" is merely his most recent alias, but this one is different from all the others. He has finally made some friends, even fallen in love, but he knows that getting attached is dangerous - he is Number Four, next on the Mogadorians' list.
-His physical appearance is the same as that of a human. Henri: -Henri is John's Cépan. It is his job to keep John safe and teach him about their history. Henri's most important job is to teach
John how to use his Legacies, and train him to fight the Mogadorians. Henri has adopted a paternal role with John,
although he is not his biological father.
-Like John, his pysical appearance is the same as a human's. Sarah Hart: Sam Goode: Mogadorians: -Sarah is a 16 year old girl living in Paradise, Ohio when John and Henri move there. She meets John on his first day at the local high school and they quickly become friends. After a few weeks, they fall in love and she becomes John's first girlfriend. Sam is kind of an outcast at Paradise High School when John first shows up. He sits in
the back of the class with his face buried in an alien conspiracy magazine and he
doesn't really interact with anyone. He eventually becomes John's best friend and the
first human ever to know his true identity. -Antagonists
-The Mogadorians are an evil alien race from the planet Mogadore. They destroyed their own planet through pollution and misuse
of their natural resources. They then attacked Lorien and procured its resources in order to replace their own. They followed the
Loric escapees to Earth with their minds set on wiping out the race so they did not have to worry about the Loric ever fighting
back. It is also believed that the Mogadorians intend to abandon their dying planet and take up residence on Earth after
destroying its native population
-Their physical appearance is humanoid, but with pale skin, teeth that are chipped and filed to sharp points, and dark eyes
that cause those that look into them to feel to the pain and sorrow of death. Conflict -The main conflict in the story is an example of man vs. man, or rather alien vs. alien, between John and the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians want to kill John to eliminate the threat of the Loric rising against them. John wants to kill the Mogadorians to save his own race from extinction as well as his planet.
-A secondary conflict in the book is man vs. society. John must conceal his true identity from those around him in order to avoid detection by the Mogadorians. This makes life difficult for him, because it prevents him from forming meaningful relationships with people which makes him an outcast. Being an outcast is hard for anyone to deal with, espcially a high school student. Setting The book takes place in the modern United
States, in the town of Paradise, Ohio. Point of View The story is told in the first person point of view from the perspective of John Smith. Theme The overall theme of this book is good vs. evil. John represents good because he fights to avenge and restore his own planet as well as to protect the inhabitants of Earth. The Mogadorians represent evil because they are only concerned with their own survival and they will destroy anything that gets in their way. Do Aliens Exist? The topic of extraterrestrial life is one that is highly debated. There are many different theories related to the existence of life outside of our planet. Some believe that there is just too much evidence to dispute that aliens do exist. They will even go as far as saying that aliens have visited our planet and assisted in the development of our species. Others will argue that this evidence is merely presumptive and proves nothing. Yes! NO! One of the simplest arguments for the existence of extraterrestrials is based on probability. It is estimated that there are 1 trillion planets in our Galaxy alone. Multiply that by the hundreds of billions of galaxies that are out there and you are left with an unfathomable number of possible places for life to develop. It is difficult to believe that our planet is the only one got the right combination of atmospheric and environmental elements to support life.

One of those essential elements is water. Another argument is rooted in the fact that there is evidence that water is present on several planets/moons in our solar system. This would lead one to believe that water is rather abundant in the universe, and since it is believed that life on Earth began in the form of aquatic organisms, it is not hard to imagine that it did so elsewhere, as well.

Another supporting argument for life outside of Earth is derived from observations here on Earth that life can survive in extreme environments. If organisms can survive at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean or in the dry heat of the Atacama Desert, why wouldn't they be able to survive on another planet? The most common argument for those who do not believe in extraterrestrial life is the lack of definitive proof. It is true that the evidence supporting the idea that aliens exist is largely comprised of assumptions. Most UFO or alien "sightings" are cases of people seeing something they can't explain and assuming it is aliens. This school of thought is essentially summed up by this quote: "If someone ate your cabbages, you wouldn't think it was the pixies." Basically, if you can't explain something, why would you accept the least logical possibility as the truth?

Another argument made against alien life is that our technology is so advanced that it would be impossible for aliens to exist without us knowing about it. Conclusion I agree with those who say that aliens do exist. I understand that there is a lot about the universe that we don't know yet, but I see this as evidence that supports the possibility of extraterrestrial life. I do not believe that they have visited our planet, because we would know for sure about it if they did. I have no reason to believe that they are even any more capable of traveling to another planet than we are, but I do believe they are out there. Lorien Mogadore Lorien is a utopian society... or, at least it was before the Mogadorians ruined it. Lorien society was broken up into two groups, the Garde and the Cêpan. The Garde were responsible for defending the planet, while the Cêpan were responsible for keeping it organized and under control. The Garde were those who were able to develop Legacies, or superpowers. Each Garde was born with superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and durability. They would then develop other Legacies, such as invisibility or resistance to heat/fire, that vary from person to person. The Cêpan did not have Legacies, but they did have other abilities, like enhanced intelligence, that allowed them to run the planet. Each Cêpan was assigned to a Garde to mentor and teach about their Legacies.
Lorien was a utopian society because everyone got along and lived peaceful lives. Loric society was run by a group of ten Elders. The Elders were the most powerful Loric, and between them, they possessed all of the Legacies. Everyone respected them and obeyed their authority, but they did not abuse it, which allowed the planet to run smoothly. Why do you believe in aliens? The most common answer was because the universe is so big, and there is so much that we don't know about it, that, statistically speaking, there must be other life out there. Why don't you believe in aliens? The most common answer was because of the lack of definitive proof. Identities of Confirmed Aliens in our School -Nick "E.T." Winkley
-Allister Bartlett
-Jake Thurley
-Hunter Keys
-Zach Trask
-Melissa Qualey
-Alaura Jacobs
-Star Knight
-Sam Beadle
-Dylan Lotzow
-David Smith Mogadore represents a dystopian society. The planet is dying because of the careless actions of its inhabitants. They poisoned the planet through industrial development, and even when they realized what was happening, they did nothing to stop it. The Mogadorians killed off much of the planet's plant and animal life, and used up most of its natural resources. This is what drove the Mogadorians to attack Lorien and steal its resources, but that still wasn't enough to save Mogadore. Now the Mogadorians have decided to abandon their planet completely and take over Earth instead.
Mogadore is a dystopian society because their culture is mostly based on violence and death. The Mogadorians are divided into two groups: the scouts (hunters) and the soldiers (killers). The creatures that inhabit the planet are savage and vile. Even the Mogadorian weapons are fueled by death. Personal Reflection Aliens. K102. Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. <http://www.k102.com/pages/wuc.html?article=10766372>.

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