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Kellin Quinn

No description

GV Computer

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn
Kellins Family
-Kellin is married to Katelynn Quinn.
-He has a baby girl named Copeland.
-Kellin also has one older sister and three younger brothers.
-His parents names are Mary and Jeuse.
-His parents divorced when he was three years old.
-Three days before Kellins fourth birthday, his dad abandoned him.

Kellin Quinn
-Kellin Quinn was born on April 24, 1986.
-He is 27 years old. Kellin was born in Oregon.
- He currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Kellins singing
-Kellin Quinn is the vocalist of the American post-hardcore band Sleeping with Sirens.
-His singing career started in a band called Closer 2 Closure before Sleeping with Sirens.

" I started singing as far back as I can remember, I dont think I will truly " accomplish " music until I have loved my life. Not until Im old, wrinkled and grey will I stop trying to progress in getting better."
-Copeland was born on May 18, 2012.
-When she was born, she was 7lbs and 8 ounces.

-Katelynn and Kellin dated for four years before he popped the question.
-Katelynn was 21 and Kellin was 22 when they met.
Sleeping with Sirens
Sleeping with Sirens currently has 3 albums out:
~"With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear'
~"Lets Cheers to This"
~"If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack"

The members of the band
-Gabe who is the drummer.
-Justin who is the bassist.
-Jesse and Jack who are the guitarists.
-Kellin who is the vocalist.
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