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Uber Innovation

No description

Sarah Scarpa

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Uber Innovation

Introduction & Background
Operational Factors
Operational Factors
Introduction & Background
Industry Developments
Societal Impact
Industry Outlook
Societal Impact
Industry Outlook

Legal Backlash
2nd Most Valuable
Startup in the World
5 Levels of Service
Uber App
Request a private car
quickly & easily
Track driver and view
Cashless payment and receipt
255 Cities
55 Countries

Consumer Benefit:
Affordable Alternative
(Uber, 2015)
(Uber, 2015)
Reshaping Careers
Driver Protection
Consumer Benefits
Consumer Benefits:
Safety Features
Reshaping Careers
Autonomy & Compensation
(Hall & Krueger, 2015)
Uber Stats
Launched in 2010
Operates in 255 cities, across 55 countries
Market size of taxi industry: $100 billion
Uber market valuation: $42 billion

Uber Competitors
Uber - $5.9B (Funding)
Lyft - $862.5M
GetTaxi - $200M
HAILO - $100.6M
Sidecar - $8.2M
Industry Developments
Rental cars
Car Sharing B2C
Uber C2C
Self-driving cars
Self-Driving Cars
S Curves
The industry is changing,
but how?
Uber not only disrupted the taxi service industry but accelerated the growth of the consumer-to-consumer economy (example: airbnb)

Diversified uber offerings from ultra low cost pooling to limousines

Uber business model is now consumer-to-consumer solutions

Additional Industry Changes:
Utilizing know how to introduce services such as (uber eats, uber rush, uber pool) in order to transform the app from black cab service into all out solutions app

Regulation remains a major setback especially in Europe and India

Barriers of entry are low and VC’s are taking notice

Incumbent worldwide taxi industry will eventually be forced to match Uber service quality and offerings

Q & A
(Tradelikejarvis.com, 2015)
(Uber, 2015)
Utilizes existing cars
Aims to end car ownership
Lobbying for presence
Uber creates jobs
50,000 jobs in EU in 2015
Valued at $41.2 Billion
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