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2 chianz


Aerial Jones

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of 2 chianz

2 Chainz 2 CHAINZ!!!! Top Songs!!! Lyric Quotes 4 ?'s Genre Of Music Influences/Who he influenced.... Key Albums/Mix tapes PERSONALITY & SWAG Influenced by:
*too short
*scar Face
*Kanye west 1.What group did 2chainz first start his carrer in?

2.What was his hit album?

3.one of 2Chainz's top songs?

4.One person he was influenced by? *No lie FT Drake
*spend it
*luv dem strippers ft Nicki Minaj
*Got One
*Slangin Birds ft Young Jeezy Young Gotti & Birdman
*Im Different
*Turn Up Tauheed Epps AKA 2 Chainz was born sep.12, 1976 . He attended North Clayton High School and graduated by finishing second in his class. He later attended Alabama State University to play basketball but later changed up his goals. He grew up an only child with a dad that stayed in & out of jail,so his momma practically raised him on her on. That was basically his only family. FAMILY/HOMETOWN/& CHILDHOOD.... influenced by 2 chainz:
-wiz Khalifa
-Waka Flocka 2 Chainz's personality is laid back,calm,and
he jokes around a lot. But when it comes down to work and his music it get serious.

His music style is energetic but laid back.
You would see 2 Chainz wearing Tru Religion,
Louie V,and Polo Ralph Lauren. Studio albums:
Based on a T.R.U story(2012) Mixtapes:
Me against the world(2007)
All ice on me(2009)
Me against the world:codein withdraw(2010)
Trap-A-Velli 2:the residue(2010)
T.R.U REALigion(2011) Let's play big bank take little bank..... , suicide doors. Rest in peace to my car door.
I wish a nigga would, like a kitchen cabinet.
You the realest nigga breathin if I hold my breath. Counting so much money, I got arthritis.
2 Chainz quotes
I had enough of the broken promises.
So I'm in a room full of Pocahontases. *Suicide doors,rest in peace to
my car doors* 2 Chainz makes Hip-Hop music.
His music is bacically urban.
The music to me is for more upbeat people but some old school people would listen to it too. 2chainz didnt originally start
out being a solo rapper he used to
be ithis group called The Players Circle. (He wasn't that famous)
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