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Photo Essay

No description

Rebecca Hensiek

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Photo Essay

Missouri Botanical Garden
Experimental Garden

Chris Hereford
There are two different species: Riverbank and Sand Grape.
Every row alternates species.
Two different beds represent controlled and drought conditions.

Allison Miller
Associate professor in the Department of Biology at SLU and a research associate at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Two leaf samples from every vine.
Placed in a tube then into liquid nitrogen.
Process to preserve the RNA of the plant.
Dry samples were sent to Danforth to test nutrient composition.
Monsanto Herbarium
Engelmann Samples taken here in St. Louis.

Samples used to compare and see how the grapes evolved.
Testing the soil moisture.
Spectrum Technologies Fieldscout TCR 300
Andrew Wyatt - MBG VP of Horticulture
SLU University Center for Sustainability; Sponsor of Vineyard.

Diana Carlin- Associate V.P. Graduate Education at SLU.
Liquid Nitrogen utilized to preserve samples.
Tested to see if any factors were affecting the species.

Measuring reflective data on the soil, leaves, and pathways along the grapes.
Data will be able to tell how much sunlight the beds are receiving.
Climate conditions were taken from a satellite in space to test the region.
Wine Grapes- "A link to Engelmann"
A Photo Essay by Rebecca Hensiek
Types of Grapes
Soil moisture meter
Data Collection
Engelmann Samples
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