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Taiga Forest

AP Environmental Science

Liz Alvarez

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Taiga Forest

By: Liz and Alex Taiga Forest Biome Taiga Forest Taiga is the Russian word for forest and it is the
largest biome in the world.
For its swampy nature in the summer, lies to the south of the tundra and to the north of deciduous forests and grasslands.

The Taiga forest is also called the Boreal Forest

The taiga forest is found in North Eurasia and North
America Location Taiga is located between 50 degrees latitude north and the Arctic circle. Residents of Taiga Forests Year around animals:
-many burrowing
rodent species Invasive Species Coyotes ,muskrats, and red foxes are invasive species
in the taiga. Meat is sparse so these predators have to be quick and agile. Keystone Speceis Conifer, white spruce, Scots Pine are all keystone plants

Indicator: Owls, who depend on the rodent cycle and woodpeckers who create nesting cavaties

Threatened: grizzly bear and wolverine
Extinct: Siberaian tiger, Wooly mammoth Work Cited *http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/taiga.htm
What animals live in Taiga Forest? Weather Plants Statistics of Precipitation and snow melt Endangered plants In Merriam’s Life Zones, the Hudsonian and the Canadian zones correspond with the Boreal Forest
It can be found in many places: Sierra Nevada, Yellowstone National Park, Rocky Mountains, and extends form Eastern Canada to Virginia. How is the weather is Taiga Forest? -Climate is cold and lonely.Coldness and food shortages is difficult for animals to survive in the winter. Animals hibernate in the winter, some fly south if they can. Some just try to adapt to the environment. Survival in the Taiga forest is very difficult.
-Winters are long, dry, and extremely cold.
-During the summer there is sunlight for only 6-8 hours.
-Summers are short, with cool and warm climate.
-Sunlight during the summer is 19 hours a day Animals during the summer:
-insect eating birds
-hordes of flies,
-caterpillars What plants live in the Taiga Forest? The dominant plant is the coniferous trees
Mostly seen are the spruces, hemlocks, and larches.
Mosses and lichens but are not always found
Balsam Fir
Eastern Fir
Canadian Balsam
Black Spruce
Bog Spruce
Swamp Spruce
Even though, their is a long periods without water, they get the required amount of water during rains or through snow melts. ENDANGERED Low Vegetation Solution Balsam Fir Logging Wild Fires Lichen native north american tree grows from Alberta, to Michigan, and over to Virginia http://www.ehow.co.uk/list_7163279_endangered-plants-taiga.html Low Species Diversity EXTICTION Extinct Plants Giant Panda Lives in Eastern Asia Naitive chinese panda Main food source is babboo
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