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Christel Weber

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of London

London Hosting the Olympic Games in 2012 Table of Contents The Bid Process In gerenal two phases

1. phase: application phase
2. phase: candidate phase 15 July 2003 deadline to submit bids

18 May 2004 first scored technical evaluation

15 Nov 2004 deadline to hand in the candidate files

Feb – March 2005 inspection visits

6 June 2005 evaluation reports was released

6 July 2005 final selection The Games 2012 in Summary Thank you for
your attention! The Bid Process
The Games 2012 in Summary
Finances and Funding
Merchandise and Medal Count
Conclusion Election results largest multi-sport event ever held in the UK
took place from 27 July to 12 August 2012
Motto: Inspire a generation 204 participating nations
10,820 participating athletes
26 sports
39 disciplines
302 events
34 venues
962 medals 200,000 people
20 million spectator journeys
2.5 square kilometers
32 world records Finances total costs: £10.8 bn originally estimated to be £9bn Funding main funding absorbed by the British public sector total funding: £11.3 bn
public sector covered £9.3 bn £2.2 bn were transfered from the National Lottery Funding of outside sources rather small IOC funding: £700m
Ticket sales: £700m 3 classes of sponsors Sponsorships 2 types of sponsors: the TOP
( sponsors of the general Olympic games)
the 3 classes of tier sponsors
(sponsors of the specific 2012 Olympic
games in London) Tier 1: each sponsor £40 (total £280m)
Tier 2: each sponsor £20m ( total £140m)
Tier 3: each sponsor £10m ( total £270m) Total income through sponsorship: £700m Spending £10.8bn mostly divided between ODA and Locog Spending of the ODA:
£1.8 bn for site preparation and infrastructure
£1.1 bn for the building of venues
£935 m for the building of the Olympic village "The ODA is building the theatre; Locog puts on the show". Other public spending:
security services
tourism marketing
ceremonies The Costs and Benefits Merchandise Best-selling items Team GB kit
toys of Wenlock and Mandeville
London 2012 pin badges
London 2012 coin collection Some funny items pictogram apron
Olympic Lego Figures
Monopoly Olympic Games edition
London 2012 commemorative teddy bear "soft and cuddly, the exterior of this cute teddy bear hides a core of competitive steel, just like the British athletes" Medal Count Great Britain finished third in the Olympic medal table

total: 65
gold: 29
silver: 17
bronze: 19 Benefits Estimations Who did benefit immediately? East London Cebr:
London's annual output growth could be increased by £1.8 bn between 2015 and 2016

Olympics and Paralympics will not make a loss

David Cameron:
The Games are likely to generate an extra £13 bn over the next four years -> no immediate benefits for the UK - famous and successful athletes
- security firms, construction
companies, architects
- airlines and airports, the
London Underground, hotels,
McDonald's - location of the Olympic Park
- Olympic Village will be sold for housing
- benefits from the Olympic Stadium,
a shopping mall, office buildings,
power and water system and increased
transportation lines Conclusion “You can take two attitudes to the Olympics. You can say, these are times of austerity, and therefore we should pare them down as much as possible. Or you can say, because these are times of austerity, we need to do everything we possibly can to harness the opportunity.”

- Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt
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